"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

A European look at outplacement

In January Career Star Group hosted an “Outplacement and Career Coaching – a response to organizational change” conference in Warsaw, Poland. The purpose of the conference was to share best practices around outplacement, including the type of support available to employees during global restructuring projects, and to explore the local legalities and cultural differences that make Europe one of the most fascinating and complex regions in which to implement global change projects.

Hosted by BIGRAM, Career Star Group’s Polish Partner, with representatives from Career Star Group’s German and French partners, and legal firm Dentons, attendees were invited to explore the evolution of outplacement from countries where it has been used extensively for many years to support those leaving organisations, to those countries where it is still an emerging best practice. The benefits of outplacement, its positive impact on employer brand, and how it is increasingly linked to EVP – employer value proposition were also explored.

Anna Zachariasz-Łobodzińska, Director of Development & Assessment Department at BIGRAM, and Izabela Michaliszyn, Outplacement Project Manager, opened the conference with an overview on outplacement in the Polish market and provided a comparison to other European geographies. They presented the evolution the methodology used to support people, from its initial inception through to how the process uses by many providers today, touching upon the important role career coaching plays in supporting employees to transition their careers. They also discussed proposed changes in the job market that will affect outplacement tomorrow.

In addition, Sophia von Rundstedt, Managing Director of Rundstedt & Partner GmbH (Career Star Group’s partner in Germany), and Justine Lagiewka, Career Consultant at Rundstedt & Partner GmbH, presented on the realities of outplacement in Germany; how important employer branding is for companies; the high and often concealed costs of downsizing; along some of the more country specific considerations of undertaking downsizing activities in Germany. Particular focus was given to the role of the Works Councils, their importance along with advice on how to best work with them. Additionally they shared insight into the types of support provided to German employees during transition.

Géraldine Boursaus, Commercial Director and Member of the Management Board of SODIE (Career Star Group’s partner in France), introduced the audience to the realities of outplacement in France, including its complex employment legislation, the need for social plans  which often lead to protracted discussions, involving a variety of stakeholders, before any downsizing activity can be implemented. Géraldine also shared some useful statistics around HR professionals’ attitudes towards outplacement – with 92% of France’s HR Professionals believing outplacement support to be a necessity. Géraldine also presented on the evolution of outplacement in France, including more self-directed support through online tools such as Sodie’s inter alia.

You can find more information about the Conference at http:// www.outplacementweuropie.eu.