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CHALRE joins Career Star Group

The Board of the Career Star Group are delighted to announce that Richard Mills and his team at Chalré have joined the Group, representing Career Star Group in the Philippines. 

Bev White, Chair of Career Star Group said: “We are delighted to welcome Richard and his team to Career Star Group, representing us in the Philippines, a fast growing, emerging country with one of the largest population in Asia. Chalré Associates is considered the premier Career Transition services firm in the country. Established in 2005, the firm has a strong presence as a provider of HR-related management consulting and career transition solutions, and we are thrilled to have them onboard.”

By aligning the leading career transition firms in each market, Career Star Group ensures that an organization’s departing employees receive services from experts in their country, who have unparalleled knowledge of the job market, access to the best resources, and have extensive local business networks. Since its inception in April 2012, Career Star Group has grown rapidly; now covering 73 countries.


Richard Mills, CEO said:

“We were pleased to join Career Star Group because of its unique method of recruiting the top outplacement providers in each country to the network.  As I’ve grown to know them, it is clear that they are highly motivated owner-operators, with many years of experience in the industry.  Career Star Group member’s knowledge and understanding of their local markets is profound, and absolutely necessary since each continent and each country has remarkably different business and legal requirements around Career Transition services.  A centralized, one-size-fits-all approach does not work in outplacement when serving multinational organizations with global operations in diverse locations.  Career Star Group is the only credible operator with a distinctive ability to match global and local requirements.” 




About Career Star Group – Career Star Group is a global alliance of the world’s leading career transition and outplacement providers. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur. Find out more at www.careerstargroup.com.


About Chalré - Chalré

Chalré Associates was established in 2005, and is considered the premier Career Transition services firm in Philippines. Over the years, the firm’s principals have assisted with career progression for many of the most senior executives in the country.

Career Transition services are mainly provided by multinational organizations, but increasingly, prominent local companies are also providing outplacement support to employees.  It is a fast growing concept since companies are very focused on maintaining their employer brand in the country where talented employees are becoming more in demand and less in supply. 

Chalré Associates are well connected locally through their involvement in the Asia CEO Awards, the country’s largest business awards event.

Further information:

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Tel: +44 (0)20 7334 8051

Email: carina.clausen@careerstargroup.com