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Indian outplacement firm Husys, joins Career Star Group

The Board of the Career Star Group are delighted to announce that Gr Reddy and his team at Penna/Husys have joined the Group, representing Career Star Group in India.


Bev White, Chair of Career Star Group said: “We are delighted to welcome Gr and his team to Career Star Group, representing us in India as part of the Penna brand. Husys are an innovative organisation that strives to deliver excellent solutions to its clients, helping them to maximise business performance through the performance of their employees, and are a perfect match for Career Star Group. Outplacement is still a relatively new concept in India, so having a partner that truly understands the important role outplacement has to play really strengths Career Star Group’s capability in this important region.”


By aligning the leading career transition firms in each market, Career Star Group ensures that an organisation’s departing employees receive services from experts in their country, who have unparalleled knowledge of the job market, access to the best resources, and have extensive local business networks. Since its inception in April 2012, Career Star Group has grown from covering 17 counties to 70 countries today. The Group now works with 7,000 organisations worldwide and helped transition over 100,000 individuals last year.


Gr Reddy, Founder, Husys said: We are proud to partner with Penna and Career Star Group, who are both renowned for their leading position in Outplacement.  This association is a true testament of the coming together of companies who share the same values for a common goal. To deliver the high quality outplacement services that are culturally sensitive – something that is very important in a complex country such as India.




About Career Star Group – Career Star Group is a global alliance of the world’s leading career transition and outplacement providers. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur. Find out more at www.careerstargroup.com.


About Husys - Husys

Husys are an experienced organisation, which has been operating in the HR space in India for 10 years. They offer a range of services to corporate clients including HR Function Outsourcing, Pooled HR Services, Start Up HR Solutions, HR Strategic Consulting, Associate Management Services, Search, Training and Development and now Outplacement. Their consulting team comprises of highly qualified consultants, thoroughly familiar with the various industry sectors, the business community and the job market.



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