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MAKIO joins Career Star Group

The Board of the Career Star Group are delighted to announce that Jesper Magnusson, Preben Sørensen and their team at MAKIO have joined the Group, representing Career Star Group in Denmark. 

Bev White, Chair of Career Star Group said: “We are delighted to welcome Jesper, Preben and their team to Career Star Group, representing us in Denmark. MAKIO has an excellent reputation and a long history of delivering high quality and effective outplacement support, amongst other services.

Established in 1996 and with almost 20 years experience in the local market and MAKIO is recognized as one of the premium Danish brands and is a great fit for Career Star Group.” 

By aligning the leading career transition firms in each market, Career Star Group ensures that an organization’s departing employees receive services from experts in their country, who have unparalleled knowledge of the job market, access to the best resources, and have extensive local business networks. Since its inception in April 2012, Career Star Group has grown from covering 17 counties to 73 countries today.


Jesper Magnusson, CEO said:

‘We were looking for a group of members with a proven record of professionalism, quality and a drive towards results and with a geographical coverage that corresponds to our customers’ business environment.

Based on previous experience with Career Star Group members, we are assured of the mutual benefits of our membership and look forward to supporting our clients with their global needs ’.




About Career Star GroupCareer Star Group is a global alliance of the world’s leading career transition and outplacement providers. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur. Find out more at www.careerstargroup.com.



MAKIO was established in 1996. Since then we have provided career development services to around 300 companies, primarily providing outplacement support to the company and their management throughout the entire process.

At MAKIO, we are specialized in outplacement and assist employees and companies through transitional phases in both private and public sectors.

Our counseling is based on a close partnership with the client, attendance, humility, drive and professionalism. Our advisors are selected based on a solid business experience and personal values to ensure that expertise and quality are combined in a professional and personal approach for each candidate and the involved company.


Further information:

Carina Clausén

Tel: +44 (0)20 7334 8051

Email: carina.clausen@careerstargroup.com