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Survey, Germans Overwhelmed in Job Search: von Rundstedt

  • News
  • 20 August 2018

Overwhelmed in the job search? – Get the support of career professionals

German job seekers are increasingly overwhelmed in the job search. According to the Talents & Trends survey published by our German partner, von Rundstedt, 36 percent of German job seekers feel disoriented about finding a job because they are unclear about the current process.

Forty percent of respondents say they find it hard to navigate the jungle of offers in countless online job boards, and 42.5 percent consider the texts of job advertisements so unclear that it is difficult to assess what is actually behind the description.

Once a suitable advertisement has been found, applicants are faced with the next problem. Around 38 percent do not know what potential employers expect from an application or what information should be presented and in which format.

Here are three tips for dealing with the application process:

In order to feed the job boards with the right keywords, the job target picture must already be defined. Svenja Gossing recommends to start with a basic research based on this target job and to find additional job titles. So, for example for a leadership position in marketing “Head of Marketing”, “Director of Marketing”, “President of Marketing”, etc. This procedure may appear cumbersome at first glance but pays off as you are presented with more roles.

But how do you define your professional goal? This causes about 24 percent of Germans headaches, according to the von Rundstedt survey. In the age group of 18- to 39-year-olds, even just under 37 percent state that they are not aware of their strengths and interests and do not know which career path they would like to take in the future.

In order to help flesh this out, career experts like von Rundstedt’s Caterine Schwierz advise job seekers to deal with three central questions:

What do I want?

What can I do?

What do companies need?

Read more about the von Rundstedt survey here!

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