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People of CSG: Hector Casagrande, Challenger Mexico

  • Blog
  • 22 October 2018

Hector Casagrande is Managing Director for Challenger Gray & Christmas Mexico and a Certified Outplacement Career Coach. He began his career as a Supply Chain Manager with Grupo Cetto, the second largest Mexican winery. He then moved into the financial services industry as a Regional Credit and Risk Analysis Manager for the National Exterior Commerce Bank and then with Banco Santander as Government Sector Director.

Hector was involved as Business Development Manager in the residential real estate development industry for Grupo PromoCasa, and for eight years was Mexico National Sales Director for Multinational Accounts at AT&T/Alestra. Hector is a recognized lecturer and speaker in the areas of human resources, career planning, and Strategic Sales and Marketing for numerous universities and business trade associations in México.


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