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Career Star Group is pleased to announce the executive appointment of Dr Pascal Scheiwiller as the new Chairman of its board of directors.

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  • 4 October 2022

An inspirational and transformative market leader, Dr Scheiwiller brings a wealth of knowledge to the role with a strong track record of delivering real change across the organizations he works with.


As CEO at von Rundstedt & Partner in Switzerland, Dr Scheiwiller holds many years of experience in senior advisory and professional HR and outplacement positions.


Speaking of the new role with CSG, he is looking forward to the challenge of taking the international outplacement company to the next level and seeing it as an exciting launchpad for change.

He succeeds Cetti Galante, who has been a director of the board since its inception and has held the position of chairperson since 2016.


Dr Scheiwiller, in his welcome address, refers to Cetti as an inspiring leader and greatly commends her leadership strides at Career Star Group stating that under her leadership, the firm has been built and developed into a great organization that has a presence in 102 countries. He recognizes these accomplishments as an amazing foundation for the next steps.


“I’m confident that I can continue the valuable work that Cetti has done and accomplished,” comments Dr Scheiwiller

“We want to become more relevant, not just to our customers and to the market, but also to institutions, to the public, and at the end of the day, more relevant to each member of the Career Star Group.


“We will develop new global services that we can deliver on a global scale. I’m looking forward to working with the board on a broader, and more effective positioning, including the services surrounding employability, mobility, and agility in order to better meet the needs of the market of today.


“Ahead of me starting at CSG, I want to thank everyone for all their efforts to date, and I’m looking forward to the coming years of collaborative working.”

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Career Star Group is a global organization of world leading career transition and outplacement providers experienced delivering bespoke programs in 102 countries. It provides multinational companies with the best career transition services regardless of where their workforce changes occur, combining their award-winning virtual platform with extensive experience to provide exceptional HR solutions.

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