Your outplacement, redeployment & career transition partner in 102 countries.

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Career transition, outplacement and redeployment services, around the world.

With Career Star Group, you will experience the simplicity of working with a single, global organization while taking advantage of the deep expertise and resources only a local firm can offer. By partnering with Career Star Group, global coverage with local excellence becomes a reality.


Providing globally-informed solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your company.

Harnessing the best local knowledge to provide career expertise around the world.


At Career Star Group, the focus and the success of our transition processes are because of the individual attention given to you and the focus on helping you to land the right role.


People are without doubt an organization’s greatest asset, but circumstances and organizations change, through restructure, workforce planning, changing market conditions, mergers or acquisition.


Job search

Are you making a change in your career? Whether you’re looking for a new role, starting your own business or preparing for retirement, we’re here to support you.  At Career Star Group our team are experts in supporting you and your career transition.

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Our partners

Career Star Group has assembled a team of like-minded partner organizations that occupy primary positions in their countries or regions. Our organization is able to create innovative and meaningful solutions no matter how complex the scenario.

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