Keep Up To Date with Career Star Group Events Across the Globe

From China to Canada, South Africa to Russia, Germany to Japan – stay up to date with what is happening at Career Star Group.

This page tells you about previous, current and future events lead by Career Star Group and partners. 2020 has been a year of adaptation for the events industry and it has been no different for our teams. As smoothly as we moved to virtual delivery of our services, we were also able to support HR teams with multiple virtual webinars and events.

Career Star Group has experience delivering outplacement, redeployment and career transition services in 102 countries. We host events for our customers, our internal teams and HR professionals in many of these locations throughout the year. Our events include: coffee mornings, networking events, webinars, seminars, conferences and summits. If you see an event you would like to know more about, join, or sponsor, please do not hesitate to get in touch using our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Some events are tailored for specific customers; others are open to the general public and HR professionals. Our board members and senior management teams are highly skilled and experienced in the HR sphere and are often asked to deliver speeches and facilitate panel discussions. If you are interested in approaching us to speak at your HR event, please contact our marketing manager, To stay up to date, check this page regularly.

  • How do you reward your employees during the festive season?

    With the holiday season fast approaching many employers are looking to reward their employees for their hard work, but how do you do this in a fair manner? And what alternatives are available if ...

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    • 5 December 2022
  • How can organisations improve their health and wellbeing at the workplace?

    Creating a workplace where employees are happy, satisfied and feel a sense of achievement can be challenging, especially when there is a staff shortage and/ or cuts are being made. How do you get ...

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    • 13 October 2022
  • How can organisations support refugees in the workplace?

    Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many companies have reacted with shock and anger and are looking at ways to support refugees fleeing their home country. How can organisations play a ...

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  • How can organisations create a more sustainable workplace?

    Despite consumer spending being down, the job market remains strong and, in the US alone, 250,000 jobs were added in June*. The labour market remains strong and results in employees having the ...

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    • 15 July 2022
  • Outplacement services - a necessity for employees & organisations

    We often talk about the value that outplacement services bring during a restructure for employees, but we don’t often talk about the benefits for organisations and in particular, for HR ...

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    • 22 April 2022
  • Redundancy and outplacement support

    Over recent months we have heard horror stories of employees being laid off without a consultation in place. A British ferry company recently sacked 800 people on a Zoom call and questions have ...

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    • 22 April 2022
  • An HR guide to unlocking the full potential of your employees

    With the job market constantly evolving and under pressure due to a skills shortage, HR teams are scratching their heads on how to attract new talent and retain current employees. Unlocking the ...

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    • 22 April 2022