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Redundancy and outplacement support

  • Blog
  • 22 April 2022

Over recent months we have heard horror stories of employees being laid off without a consultation in place. A British ferry company recently sacked 800 people on a Zoom call and questions have arisen whether employment laws have been broken.  Whilst employment laws differ in various countries, it is worth investing in outplacement support as this will not only give employees much-needed assistance, but will also prevent reputational damage to, and potential legal proceedings against the company.

How do you support your employees throughout redundancy?

Be clear on why the company is restructuring
Redundancies are normally a last resort but are necessary to keep the company afloat. It is important to highlight the reasons, as the more transparent you are, the more likely the situation will be accepted by employees and make the process smoother.

Consult employees
As part of the redundancy process, an external outplacement provider can help to explain the process as well as legal rights. The outplacement provider will be neutral, and employees will be more likely to speak their mind and ask questions of what their future may bring.

Offer support
An outplacement provider is also there to aid with practical advice and can help with exploring new opportunities, identifying transferable skills, CV writing skills and interview techniques. This will help the employees to find career opportunities post redundancy. Career transition coaches will also provide emotional as well as practical support through what may be some people’s most trying period of uncertainty.

Outplacement services bring many benefits – not only are your employees looked after during a difficult time, but it will also help to maintain your brand reputation and leave the employees much more satisfied after the process is complete.

If you are looking for outplacement services in your country, get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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