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A career transition platform designed for employees to gain the very most from their outplacement programme.

Latitude, Career Star Groups’ virtual platform, equips your employees to access, absorb and accelerate their career transition programme. Our sophisticated platform provides employees with personalised, self-led paths through their programme. Employees can access information, tools, and on-demand coaching ensuring employee’s gain the very most from the platform at all times.

Latitude has been proven to reduce the time to land a job by 2.5 times faster than average*

*based on usage in the USA

What can Latitude do for Your Transitioning Employees?

Latitude empowers your employees to take control of their careers. It motivates, it inspires, it stimulates.

The platform was designed with the user at the forefront. It is simple and easy to use. It is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on all desktop and mobile devices – all your employees need is access to the internet.

Employees going through career transition will have access to:

  • Resources to build their skills
  • CV writing tools
  • Interview practice
  • Job negotiation and networking opportunities
  • Retirement and self-employment assessments and assistance
  • Millions of job listings through our various global partnerships
  • Career assessment workshops and tools

Why HR Teams Love Latitude

  • Global and local reporting gives you the ability to track the success of your employees
  • Award winning technology containing a robust suite of outplacement resources to empower employees to take more ownership and accountability of their careers
  • Each employee has a personalised experience of the platform following either a linear, or non-linear path through their programme as they access the tools that are most important and helpful to them
  • Available 24/7 on desktops and mobile devices, available in multiple languages
  • Very flexible, cost-effective packages
  • Accessible for the tech savvy and novices alike.

Global Solutions

  • The ability to use all functionality in English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with the potential to translate to other languages.
  • Millions of job listings through our various global partnerships
  • Insights on local legislation and local job markets
  • CV guidance, guides and samples
  • Career assessment tools

Our Partners

Career Star Group members provide critical, local market knowledge and experience in 102 countries around the world.

Career Star Group has assembled a team of like-minded member organisations that offer unrivalled global coverage in 102 countries. We’ve carefully selected the best organisation in each geography, experts who share a common vision and embrace our strict quality standards. Our members have deep expertise in our services and in their local regional practices and language.

Each member organization represents an entire country or multi-country region. Members are adept at providing consistency of service across multiple geographies.  Our members share a global reporting and management platform which allow us to provide you with a single point of contact for project coordination and status information.

We guarantee local expertise in every country in which we operate.  Our people genuinely know and understand the local customs and culture enabling us to deliver the very best global career transition, outplacement, and redeployment services.

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