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Outplacement services – a necessity for employees & organisations

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  • 22 April 2022

We often talk about the value that outplacement services bring during a restructure for employees, but we don’t often talk about the benefits for organisations and in particular, for HR Directors. Why are outplacement services much more than ‘just’ employee support?

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its growth for 2022, a direct result of the Ukraine crisis, and large companies have seen their profits plunge with production costs going up. Organisations are looking to make cost savings elsewhere and restructures could be part of this remit.

Now, if your organisation is thinking about restructuring, it should be done in a professional and supportive manner…. Not just to do the right thing for your employees but also to prevent reputational damage in the digital space on company review websites such as Glassdoor and Google company reviews. Whilst HR departments never had to think about reviews before, negative comments can unnerve retained employees and prevent prospective employees from applying for future roles.

What are the benefits of outplacement for both organisations and employees? 

Outplacement services give employees a future beyond their redundancy
Employee Benefit: Employees will need to feel supported after they have been made redundant and outplacement support offers practical advice that will help to land a new role.

Organisational Benefit: Employees moving into a role new, or with a new path set out ahead, will feel less resentment and negativity towards their previous employer, thus protecting the organisation’s brand reputation.

Outplacement prevents employees from being disgruntled
Employee Benefit: In a restructure, employees often feel angry and defeated, an outplacement service that focuses on the next steps can take that feeling away and refocus that emotion into concentrating on an exciting new chapter in their career.

Organisational Benefit: Often the emotions of redundancy have been linked to divorce or a relationship breakdown; it is an emotional and uncertain period. Outplacement eases exiting employee’s worries and allows organisations to put their focus on the success of restructure and retained employees. Using a professional outplacement provider, also ensure the organisation is following all local legal requirements and therefore reducing the chances of any legal proceedings from disgruntled employees.

Outplacement is also for those who are here to stay
Employee Benefit: In the workplace, employees that are staying, can feel left behind and lose the motivation to remain as they’ve had to say goodbye to their colleagues and friends. If their ex-colleagues are supported, they are more likely to feel positive toward the organisation instead.

Organisational Benefit: Often remaining employee’s role may have evolved, redeployment into different roles may have occurred and it is imperative the ‘new’ workforce receive the support and training they need to succeed. Outplacement services allow HR to focus on this, and also allow the retained workforce to understand more clearly why the restructure has occurred and what the future goals and opportunities are.

If you are looking for outplacement support, Career Star Group can help. Get in touch today to find out more.

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