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How do you reward your employees during the festive season?

  • Blog
  • 5 December 2022

With the holiday season fast approaching many employers are looking to reward their employees for their hard work, but how do you do this in a fair manner? And what alternatives are available if your organisation is looking to reduce operational costs?

Treat your employees as individuals
Firstly, it is important to recognise your employees as individuals when offering incentives. One member of staff may be driven by a dine out voucher whilst another employee may prefer an extra day off. Incentives are only effective if they give your employees a boost and show your gratitude, so it is worth bearing that in mind this festive season.

How can you find out what your employees are after? As an organisation a companywide survey can be rolled out to ascertain what your employees value as incentives and rewards, alternatively line managers can have one-to-one meetings with members of their teams.

Recognise employee’s performance when rewarding
If you want your reward scheme to be successful and recognised as an incentive, it is vital that you treat everyone individually and reward those differently who have gone above and beyond – a ‘one size fits all’ approach could result in low staff morale and a sense of unfairness.

What employee rewards can you offer?
Extra day off – why not reward your employees who have excelled in their role, with an additional holiday? Spending the day however they like whether this is lying on a beach, sipping cocktails or spending extra time with their family.

A thank you in public – we all like to receive recognition for the work we do, so who wouldn’t love it if their efforts were recognised companywide by a Line Manager or Director. This could be through internal messaging, companywide email / newsletter or even at an event.

Monetary incentives – with the cost-of-living soaring, many of your employees may be struggling with the expense of everyday essentials and a cash bonus would help to ease financial worries.

What incentives are you giving your employees this festive season?

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