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How can organisations improve their health and wellbeing at the workplace?

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  • 13 October 2022

Creating a workplace where employees are happy, satisfied and feel a sense of achievement can be challenging, especially when there is a staff shortage and/ or cuts are being made.

How do you get the best out of your employees and create a workplace where health and wellbeing is vital in the success story?

Lack of recognition
Did you know that the majority of people quitting their jobs state the move is down to a lack of recognition in the workplace? Followed by not liking their line manager and / or boss. So, to create a work environment where people are happy, it is important to recognise achievements and praise those who have realised milestones, whether they are small or large! In a virtual world it can be trickier to praise your employees for their achievements, why not implement a weekly video call where employees can do a ‘show and tell’ of their highlights of the week?

Make work meaningful
What drives your employees? Having a meaningful job is now more important than ever, especially when the global job market is still struggling to acquire talent. Employees are more selective and are looking to contribute to an organisation that values growth but is also ethical. As a manager, it is important to find out what your employees would like to gain from their work and what drives them and gives them a sense of achievement. Regular one-to-one catchups will assist in establishing this and will help to create a personal road map to achieve goals.

Offer perks
Long gone are the days of ‘beer fridge Friday’ and a pool table in the staff canteen, employees are looking for meaningful perks that will enhance and improve their health and wellbeing. What perks could you be offering your employees? Flexibility is key for many, especially around childcare considerations, or other family responsibilities. The 9-5 mentality is gone and employees are actively looking for these alternative incentives in an organisation, showing trust and offering flexibility is vital. Employees also value their time off, offering decent amounts of paid vacation time and/or plenty of days where members of staff can recharge their batteries and have quality time with their family. Other important issues taken into consideration are compassionate or bereavement leave, paid maternity, and paternity leave.

Incentivise wellness

We all know that exercise and activity can help to improve mental health and wellbeing, so why not offer the opportunity to create fun challenges, for example, which team can get the most steps in for January? Maybe consider offering an activity such as a free yoga class during working hours! Not every single employee may be interested in physical activity so it is also worth incorporating something that everyone can do, perhaps a monthly book club or a culinary class. Implementing activities will not only create health and wellness but also improves team collaboration and cohesion.

Offer an employee assistance programme
Offering an assistance programme can provide support and advice when your employees need it most. Whether they are experiencing a personal loss, money issues or a myriad of other issues, a listening ear can make a difference and improves health and wellbeing.

To keep existing employees and attract new talent, it is vital to create a happy workplace. What is your organisation doing to create workplace that values health and wellbeing? Let us know!


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