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The world of human resources is increasingly global, and that brings with it a plethora of complexity. The speed and intensity of economic change continues to increase, national market borders are disappearing and competition has become increasingly international.

Mergers, acquisitions and new strategies are all triggers for complex HR processes but regardless of where changes occur, Career Star Group is an established and trusted provider of global solutions that support the entire change process. And we take a broader view – working in partnership with clients to provide superior solutions that support an organization, its brand and its employees. From frontline employees to CEO’s, a single employee to thousands, in multiple locations throughout the America’s, Australia, Europe, and Asia, Career Star Group can provide you with frameworks and planning to support organizational change, restructure or downsizing programs.

Managing Change

People are without doubt an organization's greatest asset, but circumstances and organizations change, through restructure, workforce planning, changing market conditions, mergers or acquisition. Managing these changes effectively presents a range of challenges and we will work in partnership with you to provide a solution. Career Star Group will work with you prior to any layoffs to minimize the impact of the layoffs in the organization and community. Career Star Group brings expertise to the downsizing process, but personalizes services based on each customer and country’s needs. The initial meeting (after downsizing decision) scopes the project and determines where your company will require assistance. Career Star Group then assembles a team to help in any planning aspects needed. Career Star Group simultaneously develops a plan to implement the services associated with the downsizing. We can provide a single global point of contact or a full project team with local contacts, dependent on individual requirements.  
  • Planning for Redeployment and Restructuring

    When a company decides to conduct a restructuring or downsizing, the success of the event is determined by the planning process. Companies turn to us when planning downsizing to help develop pragmatic and sensitive termination policies, schedules and communication plans.  We have experience in large-scale restructuring impacting as many as several thousand employees simultaneously in a single location or around the world.   As your partner, we will consult with you at every stage to ensure your needs are met.  We’ll support you with retention strategies and coaching for those employees you need to stay, or best practices around layoffs. Career Star Group will work with you from the day the decision is made until the last employee is settled.
    Planning for Redeployment and Restructuring
  • Manager training

    Managers have a key role to play in the change process. A smooth process defines success for both the company and employees. We provide training and coaching to your management teams when they’re faced with restructuring and employee termination. We work with them to ensure the sensitive meetings with departing employees are conducted professionally, in a manner that maintains the departing individual’s dignity and minimizes the possibility of future litigation.
    Manager training
  • Redundancy meeting

    A Career Star Group representative can be on site anywhere where you have a termination event. This is true whether you are notifying one employee or implementing a large-scale international event impacting hundreds or thousands of people. Career Star Group prefers to meet with notified employees on the day they are told about their termination. Both the management team and the departing individual are in a period of high stress and require support in this difficult situation.
    Redundancy meeting
  • Communications

    Our team is available to help plan your internal and external communications when you are undergoing change, restructuring or downsizing.  We can help guide communications with all parties affected by the change including fellow employees, families, the community and the press.

Outplacement and Career Transition

The focus and the success of our transition processes are because of the individual attention given to each client. The sophistication and nuance of a specific industry, function or demographic area still allows us to apply the guiding principle of good outplacement. Careful assessment and pairing with the appropriate coach is vital to success. This personal attention is consistent across all Career Star Group processes. The Career Star Group approach to career transition is to treat each affected employee with the utmost respect and compassion while delivering processes that positively impact the job search while simultaneously assisting the customer company in addressing the needs of the surviving employees, community, and, at times, customers. The actual focus of the models is not simply flexible from function-to-function or level-to-level, but must be flexible from individual-to-individual. We provide creative solutions and for those individuals who might not fit our traditional outplacement model. We pair those individuals with a coach who will work with them to create a customized program that suits their needs. Each program features a robust online career portal, catered to the local culture and country best practices.

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