"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

S&S Consulting

S&S Consulting is a premier Change Management & Career Transition services firm, embracing Talent Management and Career Development. Founded in 1994, S&S Consulting has a long history of addressing key aspects of the Human Capital Life Cycle and a proven track record of successfully guiding organizations and individuals through transitions caused by major change events or by the dynamic employee changes that impact business.

S&S Consulting's customers consist of multinational companies as well as prominent local ones, across all industry sectors and functions.

Our Career Transition Programs have been designed to support individuals at every level from all industries and job functions, ranging from specialized C-Suite Executive services to first line management, middle management and employee level programs. Operating a flexible approach at all times, our programs and services are tailored to suit individuals’ needs and aspirations, incorporating superior counseling, comprehensive resources, technology and upgraded methods.

S&S Consulting's team comprises of highly qualified accredited consultants, thoroughly familiar with the various industry sectors, the business community and the job market, with sound educational background and strong professional experience in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Quality is the way we do business! S&S Consulting utilizes comprehensive quality evaluation processes and initiatives, conducted both internally and externally, providing us with accurate and objective quality measurements to enable the continuous improvement of our services.

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