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The Power of Career Star Group’s Global Alliance

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  • 19 November 2019

One of the biggest challenges HR leaders face today is to ensure that their organisation has a comprehensive and seamless employee career management (ECM) programme.

What does an ECM look like?

A comprehensive ECM caters to every aspect of employment. This ranges from onboarding, career planning and development, learning and upskilling, reskilling when needed, to career transitions and outplacement.

Every employee’s needs are proactively catered ahead of time with a seamless ECM in place. So, for instance, an employee or team requiring reskilling not only needs the learning material and workshops but also one-on-one coaching for adopting the growth mindset needed to reskill. Another example is of an employee the HR needs to transition, which requires a proper programme for effective outplacement that does not lead to a PR nightmare.

In both cases, HR can either take on the entire task of remaining abreast of the latest research and have experienced personnel onboard for updating or implementing every aspect of their ECM or; they can partner with global experts who can get the work done.

Career Star Group is the partner and a global alliance most HR leaders turn to across the globe.

What is Career Star Group and their Global Alliance?

Career Star Group is a brand you can trust. It is a group of diligent teams with worldwide connectivity to other hardworking, collaborative organisations. We offer a diverse range of culturally sensitive and scalable HR services, specialising in outplacement services. Our virtual and face-to-face solutions are customised to fit the needs of your organisation. Our virtual outplacement solution provides on-demand coaching available 24/7. Employees are supported at any time, from anywhere in the world.

We understand that when an organisation is going through a period of change, and redundancies are to occur, there must be a proactive approach from the HR team. The support offered by the HR team will be crucial to the success of the future of the workplace.

Overview of The Career Star Group Global Alliance

Career Star Group is spread across 102 countries with more than 1000 destination points for regional organisations to collaborate. Career Star Group cares in maintaining human resources, values, and growth in a time of changing needs.

Our worldwide alliance places us in a unique position. It allows Career Star Group to offer a culturally relevant perspective to the employee and organisational needs. All HR leaders realise that every culture has its unique traditions and norms which impact how an organisation functions. As a result, Career Star Group provides adaptable and pragmatic proposals and solutions for HR bodies and individual business owners.

We Understand HR Challenges

Outsourcing employee support and career management, or proactively deploying employee initiatives (whether it’s individual or across the entire organisation) is a huge endeavour.

We realise what it means.

It requires partnering with a trusted group that can quickly meet your organisation’s changing demands. We realise the sensitivity of the projects and work as your remote team. We take time to evaluate the requirements and propose possible solutions that reduce complexity and increase scalability. Once we have tabled all possibilities and planned our next steps, we work with you to bring your team onboard.

Only then do we execute.

Even as we execute, we remain agile and allow room to customise our plans further and adapt to emerging needs. We can do this because Career Star Group is a powerful global alliance that incorporates the knowledge from diverse cultures and organisations across 79 countries. Nothing can beat the understanding and empathy we have for the work HR does and the challenges HR leaders face each day.

The result? Exceptional results. Every single time.



About Career Star Group;

Career Star Group is a leading global group for personal career transition, outplacement and redeployment services.

Active in 102 countries and over 1000 worldwide locations, with 1500 coaches and 45 global projects staff, the Group enables more than 50,000 individual career transitions in over 5,000 companies each year.

Career Star Group supports companies and their employees through their personal career transition to help find their next position and embrace the opportunities of an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

They treat individuals with care, compassion and empathy.




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