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Case Study: Career Transition and Outplacement

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  • 4 July 2019

With the power of Career Star Group’s global presence, our client was delivered a seamless career transition and outplacement delivery for over 50 managers across two countries.

Business Context & Client Need

An apparel company with over 10,000 employees across Canada, the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Switzerland made the strategic decision to transition one of its brands to an online-focused distribution model. This business decision impacted hundreds of employees across Canada and the United States.

Our Solution

Our client has a reputation for caring for and developing their talent, so we delivered a program that reflected those core values, supported their HR Team, and guided employees on to new opportunities.

We helped employees to:

  • Deal with the emotional aspect of their transition
  • Understand their strengths and inherent preferences
  • Design a strategic job search that aligned with their goals
  • Learn the fundamentals of ongoing career management

We helped their internal HR Team by:

  • Delivering a consistent service across Canada and the United States
  • Managing logistics of departure meetings as well as handling their own emotions during this time
  • Matching the consultants with the appropriate HR partner/employee to ensure the highest level of trust/comfort during the departure meeting (i.e. we had both male and female consultants, as well as diversity in age and seniority of consultants)
  • Providing onsite summary reports following each of the departure meetings
  • Giving feedback on suitable transition programs offered to impacted employees

The Program

  1. Career Star Group partners Optimum Talent and Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc. organised and facilitated 40 departure meetings over the course of two weeks in both Canada and the United States
  2. Used Optimum Talents’ Career Explore Assessment to clarify strengths, development opportunities, and inherent working preferences
  3. Facilitated 1:1 coaching sessions to help employees process their emotions, interpret their assessment results, and focus their job search strategy
  4. Delivered personalised career opportunities, interview preparation, and negotiation support via the Career Management Portal
  5. Reporting was provided by both Optimum Talent and Challenger, Gray & Christmas to their appropriate contacts.

The Impact

Upon completion of the two-month program, 50 mid-level managers and up received 1:1 coaching and were transitioned.  The apparel company is heavily culture driven and in order to keep this top priority the process needed to be authentic, transparent and handled with care.  Optimum Talent created a strategic plan to protect the brand’s reputation, maintain productivity and reduce stress levels for the departing employees.  On average, it took four months for Canadians to secure new work and three months for Americans.  Considering the unique roles and areas of expertise specific to the retail industry, the client was satisfied with these timelines.  Many employees realised, beyond compensation and industry, what is uniquely important to them when considering a new role, they found clarity through the talents of the coaches of Career Star Group.

Career Star Group have a world of resources at your fingertips:

  • 79 countries and 1000 service locations
  • 1500 coaches & 45 global projects staff
  • Enabling over 50,000 individual transitions in over 5,000 companies each year

We guarantee local expertise in every country in which we operate.  Our people genuinely know and understand the local customs and culture enabling us to deliver the very best global career transition, outplacement, and redeployment services. Find your local provider here.

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