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Outplacement? Everything you need to know about choosing an outplacement provider

  • Blog
  • 8 June 2023

Choosing an outplacement provider is a process, and with more boutique and small firms offering outplacement, the market can feel saturated. In recent years, there have been a number of factors resulting in many organisations restructuring. The COVID pandemic for one, and then the rising costs and inflation due mainly to the war against Ukraine. These unpredictable factors had a huge impact on the landscape of work. Usually, we are able to plan for restructuring or large change. The necessity of having a reliable outplacement provider for your employees has never been more important. Your employees, whether exiting or remaining in the organisation need support and guidance.

Finding an outplacement provider isn’t as simple as just picking one. Outplacement providers have different offerings, values and outcomes. And, choosing an outplacement provider to reflect your organisations values and goals is important.

  1. Does the provider offer tailored programmes?

A good outplacement provider understands that all firms are unique, and therefore their outplacement needs will be unique. The larger firms with global standards may sound like a great option but it is important to ensure that this doesn’t mean that your employees will receive the same support without taking into consideration their cultural differences, local nuances and individual goals. Outplacement programmes should be unique to everyone who participates in them. One size does not fit all.

  1. What are your aims?

Do you want to support for both exiting and remaining employees? Do you want support with the communication and strategy? Different providers can offer different levels of involvement. Programmes may include 1:1 coaching, or may not. These days, coaching is a necessity, and even better if that coach is accessible virtually. 

  1. Where are they based?

Different country laws have different requirements when it comes to outplacement. Did you know that in Belgium there are specific rules when it comes to outplacement. Often it is a legal requirement and outplacement providers must offer office space for the people participating in their programmes. We for example, have 130 sites in Belgium alone! Other countries are relatively new to the concept of outplacement (this doesn’t mean it is less important – potentially even more so)! Some locations may require employees to travel, other providers may travel to your site, others may be fully online. You must a) work out what suits your organisation the best and b) ensure you are fulfilling your legal requirements in each individual location. 

  1. The feel, the values, the family.

Outplacement providers should be caring, warm and down to earth. By nature, they exist to help. Providers who are transactional and just provide low costs to win business, may not be the best partner. Outplacement should be well thought out, with the employees success front of mind. Get to know your contacts, how they work and what their aims are.

Find out more on how Career Star Group can assist you with outplacement services here.

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