"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

Husys Consulting Limited

Since 2002 Husys has been a pioneer and market leader in the design and delivery of HR Function Management/Outsourcing in India. Husys Consulting works across all sectors and its client portfolio consists of national, multi-national and Global Organisations.

Our career transition and outplacement programs have been designed to support individuals at every organizational level, from all industries and job functions. Partnering with Penna, we use a tried and tested methodology, tailoring them to embrace Indian culture.

Husys’ consulting team comprises of highly qualified consultants, thoroughly familiar with the various industry sectors, the business community and the job market. All have a solid educational background and strong professional experience in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Customer satisfaction and excellent client experience is our way of delivering business. We understand the services are measured and evaluated every second and our goal is to create the positive moment of truth for our clients. We continue to innovate, train and re-train our teams to be current all the time and always strive to deliver lasting results.

Contact Information
Name Naresh Deevi
Email naresh@husys.net
Telephone Tel: +91 996 431 2637