"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

Intoo Srl

Working with organizations that are going through change, Intoo offers advice and guidance throughout the whole change management cycle, helping to organizations to put in place effective strategies that deliver results while protecting the organization's reputation. Through its individual and collective outplacement consultancy services, Intoo offers solutions designed to assist employees who are leaving the company, providing them with technical and professional support aimed at finding a new and satisfying in-placement in the world of work. With over 20 years of experience and 14 offices throughout Italy, Intoo has supported thousands of people (from senior staff to offices workers) through transition. Their consultants - all specialists in different industries - coupled with their in-placement services bring an unparalled advantage to those they support.

Contact Information
Name Barbara Favero
Email bfavero@intoo.it
Telephone Tel: +39 02 673 971 265
Mob: +39 (0) 334 622 8085