"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"


BIGRAM Personnel Consulting is a human resources consulting firm, embracing Executive Search, Recruitment of Managers and Key Specialists, as well as Outplacement and Career Development.  Founded in 1993, BIGRAM has assisted hundreds of organizations in Poland, developing their employees’ careers and supporting the process of change. Our offices are located in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Poznan but we realize projects all over the country.

BIGRAM Personnel Consulting outplacement customers consist of multinational companies  well as prominent local ones, across all industry sectors and functions.
We offer group and individual outplacement programs, different thematic workshops and individual consultancy meetings. In addition, we offer support in the preparation of managers to communicate tough decisions as well as consultant’s presence and support during layoffs. Furthermore, our programs are reinforced by a website that serves as a data base and information base for program participants. Our programs focus strongly not only on finding new jobs but also on providing individuals with the understanding of their development needs in respect of their further career paths.

Our success is the result of experience, labour market expertise and an understanding of the behaviors of new job seekers, consultants’ commitment and faith in success of undertaken activities. We are also proud to have in our team a consultant who participated in the first outplacement program conducted in Poland in early 90’s.

Contact Information
Name Piotr Wielgomas
Email piotr.wielgomas@bigram.pl
Telephone Tel: +48 (22) 646 94 94