"Harnessing the best local knowledge to deliver global career transition solutions"

Our Values

Career Star Group was created to provide local and global organizations and their employees with high quality outplacement and career transition services that are customized to individual needs and address the ever evolving job market.

Collaboration, supportiveness and an ongoing commitment to deliver superior quality with a willingness to challenge the perceived wisdom around career transition are the values on which Career Star Group has been founded.

These are the values we have used when selecting partner companies to work with us on your behalf. Combined with our depth of experience, our values enable us to suggest the most effective methodologies that reflect local cultures and employment markets that you may wish to consider when anticipating organizational change or redundancies.

Our ability to listen to clients’ needs, act on them and draw on our collective wealth of experience as a group guarantees that your organization and its employees receive a quality service. We also guarantee local expertise in every country we operate in; people who genuinely know and understand the customs and culture in detail when it comes to delivering best practice career transition services.