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Career Star Group continues to grow as organizations see the benefit of providing culturally sensitive outplacement support

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  • 10 April 2018

Career Star Group, the global alliance of leading outplacement firms, continues its strategy of bringing together the leading providers of outplacement services across the world to deliver services that are sensitive to the cultural differences that exist between countries with the announcement of two new members. Per Erling Terjesen and his team at NAKK-Gruppen/Karrierehuset have joined the Group, representing Career Star Group in Norway, while Matthew Collier and his team at Gemini Personnel who is already present in many parts of Asia, has expanded their operations, covering Vietnam.

Bev White, Chair of Career Star Group said: “We are delighted to welcome Per Erling and his team to Career Star Group, representing us in Norway, and to announce that Gemini Consulting, who have been integral to supporting our customers through the delivery of high quality services in Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Thailand has expanded their outplacement reach to cover Vietnam.”

Reflecting on the importance of these new members, Bev White comments: “As Norway is undergoing a more challenging economic climate, downsizing and restructuring is a reality for an increasing number of businesses, so we are very proud to have such a high-quality organization join the group. Likewise, with continued growth of Asian markets, we’ve seen greater focus on best practice HR policies such as offering outplacement becoming standard practice, so to be able to replicate the quality services delivered by Gemini in other parts of Asia in Vietnam is really important.”

Speaking of their memberships Per Erling Terjesen, CEO of NAKK-Gruppen AS said:

“NAKK is very pleased to join Career Star Group. We are looking forward to a close and rewarding cooperation with many of the industry leaders around the world. By sharing insight as well as business opportunities, NAKK will continue to provide our clients and customers with the highest quality within outplacement and career transition services across the globe.“

Matthew Collier, Managing Director of Gemini Personnel said:

“Vietnam is a fast growing and evolving business landscape that offers fantastic rewards and challenges for those operating in the human capital marketplace. Whilst the outplacement and transition movement is still relatively new in Vietnam, Gemini Personnel is hugely excited by the potential of this market and delighted to enter into this new territory with the support of the Career Star Group.”

About Career Star Group – Career Star Group is a global alliance of the world’s leading career transition and outplacement providers. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with access to the best career transition service providers regardless of where workforce changes occur. Find out more at

About NAKK-Gruppen AS – NAKK-Gruppen AS, founded in 1989, is a leading provider of career counselling services. The company consists of the three brands; Karrierehuset, Nordic Academy and Karrieresystemer. NAKK-Gruppen has since its origin served thousands of individuals with career guidance with processes marked by professionalism, high quality and an individual approach.

About Gemini Personnel – Gemini Personnel has been providing human capital solutions for clients across Asia Pacific for over 30 years.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have offices in Singapore, China, Thailand and have just expanded into Vietnam.

Along with recruitment and outsourcing Gemini is also a market leader in outplacement, career transition and training.


Further information:

Carina Clausén

Tel: +44 (0)20 7334 8051


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