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People of CSG: Cetti Galante, Intoo SRL

  • Blog
  • 14 May 2018

For us, the individual is always at the center, as we focus on each person’s uniqueness, wishes, goals, and needs combined with market demand.


What’s happening in Italy?

Professional Skills Assessments and Psychometric Tests together are tools that help to verify employability and allow candidates to understand their professional value. The results of these tests help us find solutions: whether we propose training, coaching, or counseling aimed to support the individual’s separation and transition to a new position.

For companies looking to fill a role in-house, these results can determine who among their staff has the best abilities for particular roles. The test technology reveals all the latent competencies of individual workers not usually used in their current roles, but available and desired in other roles within the company.

Every day we do this in outplacement programs: stimulating individuals and supporting them in filling their competency gaps, especially regarding soft skills. This support encourages workers to restart, focus on their skill sets, and helps increase their motivation. Through outplacement, it is possible to smoothly facilitate an in-house career transition while also re-motivating and regenerating existing staff.

On the other hand, these tests can also help employees who are exiting the company. The analysis allows for us to best support individuals that want to search for new job opportunities outside the company.

Curiosity on Over 50

Every year we support around 3,000 people,  29 percent of whom are over the age of 50.

It is important to study the “past” that is represented by workers over 50, and the “present,” represented by our younger generations.

Matured talent in companies, or workers over the age of 50, is an important and necessary resource today: it is wise for companies to avoid valuable competency dispersion. As Istat pointed out, in 2013, Italian unemployed women and men over ’50 reached 438,000 units. Following many enterprises’ internal reorganizations, we see a huge decline in competencies, often due to the loss of older workers. These companies then lose key mentoring processes that allow workers over ’50 to impart important institutional knowledge on younger workers. Reintegration of these workers needs specialized support by expert operators. With over 26 years of experience and 14 offices throughout Italy, Intoo has supported thousands of individuals (from senior staff to offices workers) through transition.

Intoo4You enables the candidate, during the career transition, to be supported by a human relationship with our consultant and by a new online tool that is useful to prepare efficaciously the new proposal for the market. It is the first portal in Italy customized for the Italian labour market needs and characteristics.

Thanks to Intoo4You, individuals can easily deal with the challenges of searching for jobs through highly organized and independently accessible tools anywhere at any time.

Learn more about Intoo SRL.


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