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Karrierehuset: Future Work Will Require Soft Skills

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  • 8 June 2018

Karrierehuset has worked with people in transition since 2006. Being a consultancy partner to people and businesses in the areas of outplacement, recruitment and leadership training allow us to work with people going through all facets of a transition – a responsibility that our consultants take on with great humility and respect.

One of the most important assets our consultants have is their understanding of the fact that people are fundamentally different. No process can or will be the same. Our counselors’ ability to embrace diversity and tailor the process to each individual is key to success in every meeting with our clients.

The past few years have been marked with one significant trend when it comes to the focus that HR places on various skills of their current and future employees. The emphasis that is placed on soft skills is highly increasing.

Recently, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Norway’s main organisation for employers and the leading business lobby, stated in their report Norway’s new jobs in the wake of the digital revolution that 136,000 jobs have been rendered obsolete by digitalization over the past five years. This fact places an even higher weight on soft skills and social skills when it comes to being considered attractive in the job market.

Our counselors, being in dialogue with HR seeking to hire the best talents on a daily basis, report that these six soft skills are highly attractive in the workplace of tomorrow:

  • Agility: employees who welcome change and manage to quickly adapt to changes, new roles and works flows. Employees who show a high amount of flexibility and manage to quickly move into a “productive mode” when subjected to fast paced changes.
  • Decision making abilities: employees who are quickly able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages when facing an obstacle and manage to base a sound decision after a quick analysis.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking: employees with the ability to see and articulate a number of new ideas and directions to help the team move forward. Originality and creativity are attractive traits in the job market.
  • Strategic thinking: employees who see the big picture and manage to foresee the consequences when being presented with new information and strategic directions.
  • Adaptability: employees who, when faced with new technology and new work flows, with ease embrace new systems, new technology and new roles. They actively apply new working methods and technology in their work routine.
  • Time management-skills: the ability to maximize the time at hand, prioritize and increase effectiveness for one self and others on the team.

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