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People of CSG: Jakub Kuvik, Teamconsult

  • Blog
  • 26 June 2018

I finished my studies at the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica with specialization in Management and Marketing. Later, I deepened my focus in personnel management by preparing my thesis about personnel department analyses.

In 2001, I met people from Teamconsult and the following year, started to work for the company in Prague, where I gained my first experience in the field of executive search.

Together with the Managing Partners, we successfully started to build up the branch in Bratislava (Slovakia) which currently staffs four full time consultants.

Luckily we successfully started the diversification of our service portfolio in 2006 and introduced the outplacement service to the local market.

Since 2007 when I became country manager for Slovakia I have been responsible for the Slovak branch operations, business development, people management and key account management.

Together with my colleagues, we currently represent one of the most experienced and stable executive search and outplacement teams in Slovakia!

Also thanks to our expertise, Teamconsult in Slovakia has grown annually and currently has expanded to focus mostly on foreign investors.

When not at work, I am always open to new adventures, I love travelling, and am in fact fluent in English, German, and Slovak. I enjoy running and am fascinated by triathlons in the past two years.

Learn more about Teamconsult.

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