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Supporting Employee Career Management

  • Blog
  • 15 November 2019

Work organisations can play an integral part in stimulating and fostering effective career management for their employees.


Organisations are structured by human resources.

For every organisation, the development of the human resources department and its management is quite crucial for its prosperity. Providing each individual in an organisation motivation to improve their interpersonal skills and to develop their careers is essential and an extremely important aspect of modern HR professionals. HR professionals must be supporting employee career management. An HR person is not just another employee to execute an operational task. They are required and should possess knowledgeable information on key factors to provide a good fostering for employee career support.


The HR department has a much bigger role in a wider perspective.

They must build up the employee structure for the organisation, define job roles and create job effective working environments to maintain the growth of the employee. They should help the employee to establish goals as long as their career is concerned.


HR Directors and their team can help build or improve upon various aspects of employee-care such as counselling, managing, and supporting employee careers according to the dynamics of the profiles. If the organisation works in this manner, they could foster employee careers as per the traits of the employees. For example, an Assistant Finance Officer could have skills that could make them a good spokesperson for an organisation. They could, therefore, represent the company’s profile on other mediums. These intrapersonal traits have to be in the knowledge of the HR person.


Activities and modules to relish employee’s inner talents can be designed and launched within the working environment. This will improve workplace activity, enthusiasm, and employee productivity.



About Career Star Group;

Career Star Group is a leading global group for personal career transition, outplacement and redeployment services.

Active in 79 countries and over 1000 worldwide locations, with 1500 coaches and 45 global projects staff, the Group enables more than 50,000 individual career transitions in over 5,000 companies each year.

Career Star Group supports companies and their employees through their personal career transition to help find their next position and embrace the opportunities of an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

They treat individuals with care, compassion and empathy.



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