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HR Leaders Prioritise Reskilling Employees

  • Blog
  • 20 November 2019

HR leaders understand the importance of developing employees’ skills to stay ahead of digital disruption.

All HR leaders realise that disruptive ideas and technologies are rapidly changing the dynamics of the market and consumer behaviour. The only way to remain abreast of this change is to do two things:

  1. Develop a plan to replace existing talent whose skillset will become redundant within a few years with new expertise.
  2. Reskill and empower existing employees, so they adopt a growth-mindset and gain the skills and experience needed to keep the organisation market competitive.

What’s more, HR leaders realise the following three truths:

  1. Great talent is scarce.
  2. Hiring the right new talent is costly.
  3. Losing current talent that has the potential for growth is far costlier.

Hence, the best course of action most HR leaders and directors recognise and take is to reskill their existing employees. But, what is reskilling, and what is the best way to implement an effective, organisation-wide reskilling programme quickly?

What Does Reskilling Employees Mean?

Reskilling employees is the process of aiding employees to learn/develop new skills so they can easily transition into a new job role or work on tasks that require a completely different skillset.

HR leaders will agree; this is not easy. Reskilling is not just about offering employees all the training material, resources, time, and personnel (all of which is costly in itself) they need to learn the skill.  Reskilling is more about getting the employees to buy into their responsibility to upskills themselves. It’s a cultural change, and managing this change is often the difference between success and failure.

This is where HR leaders turn to experts, and where Career Star Group comes in. Career Star Group can provide a wide range of personalised workshops and activities to enhance, embrace and develop employee’s skills to be redeployed within the workforce. Our services are designed to help employees stay motivated, productive, and step forward from their current mindset to adopt a growth mindset.

Career Star Group delivers unique, customised, and productive HR solutions globally. We realise that an employee is an asset to the organisation and is integral to the growth of an organisation. This allows the organisation to stay market competitive in the future and achieve its vision. All this, whilst staying in line with the career goals of the employee. When the organisation’s vision and employee goals align, HR leaders will have a better platform to create a workplace culture that energises and delights employees.

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