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Humans and AI: Who’s Making the Decisions?

  • Blog
  • 28 November 2019

Humans and AI

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is an often misunderstood phenomenon among a majority of the world’s population.  It includes professionals and leaders alike who either:

  • Shrug it off as a passing trend and do not focus on its impact on their career trajectory, their business, or industry as a whole.
  • Obsess over how it’s changing the way things are done and proactively plan to ride the new wave of automation and digitisation so they and their business can thrive.

Whichever side you choose, the biggest question on the minds of all forward-thinking HR leaders is this: Who’s making the decisions? Humans or AI? Which one of them has the upper hand, and in which areas of our lives, and for how long? How will it change in the next decade?

The Impact of AI

Right now, AI is seeping into our lives in the form of digitisation and automation of services.  The HR department is no different. Organisation-wide reskilling initiatives, employee career management, transition, and outplacement can often be due to the result of AI forcing humans to make decisions to ensure the survival of their businesses.

The world is quickly moving from the model of HRBPs to digital HR. Now employees can easily interact with and resolve their queries digitally and in many cases, automatically.

AI is transforming performance management, employee wellbeing, and the workplace itself. Performance management is becoming more transparent as big data and business analytics become more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Remote work, which was once a fantasy or luxury offered only by the biggest companies in the world, now is expected. Organisations are scurrying to offer it as a benefit instead of a selling point to attract and retain talent.

AI and the Role of HR

Yes, AI is affecting how humans make decisions. However, AI or not AI, decisions in any organisation are to be made significantly in favour of the company. The HR department is the one who is providing the resources in running a company. The modern age of intelligent platforms and robots may be taking over slowly, but there is certainly a lot to do by human minds, which AI cannot do yet. The biggest is human creativity and collaboration. HR leaders are responsible for festering this in the organisation. The more ideas we come up with, the more the chances of us creating services, products, and customer experiences that sell. This will continue to create more opportunities in favour of the human race.

It is the responsibility of HR to mould all aspects of AI in favour of their business and employees. HR can arrange AI and human mind parameters so they are aligned to achieve goals for the organisation. They can then overcome the challenges imposed by the modern world of AI and digitisation. Putting humans in control of the decision-making process, allows HR to plan to perform their duties in collaboration with AI.

About Career Star Group;

Career Star Group is a leading global group for personal career transition, outplacement and redeployment services.

Active in 79 countries and over 1000 worldwide locations, with 1500 coaches and 45 global projects staff, the Group enables more than 50,000 individual career transitions in over 5,000 companies each year.

Career Star Group supports companies and their employees through their personal career transition to help find their next position and embrace the opportunities of an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

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