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The Value of Outplacement Services to Organisations

  • Blog
  • 10 December 2019

How do you measure the value of outplacement services?

What is an outplacement service? How does outplacement work? What good is it to an employer? What is the value of outplacement? To answer these questions, we have to first know what the term outplacement refers to. Outplacement is any help or service an organisation or company operates to facilitate the transfer of a former employee to another firm. This process of facilitation usually involves the former employee getting career counselling and advice from a consultancy firm. This could be an outplacement provider hired by an organisation or it could be an internal department of the organisation itself. This helps the employee to secure a new job with minimal hassle. It also helps them deal with the trauma of losing their job.

Is this service useful for an organisation?

On the surface, this idea of outplacement simply looks of no use to an employer. What good is investing in a worker who is not going to work for you anymore? The aim of a capitalist is to minimise expenses and maximise profit. An employer aiming for short term profit will describe it as a loss when you have to spend money to hire or operate a consultancy firm which is providing no direct support to the company and only helps the out-going employees. But when you dig deeper, you realise that providing this service not only holds great moral value and boosts employee morale, but it also holds substantial benefits in the long run.

How do potential employees value outplacement services?

When a job seeker is looking at different companies they compare the perks and benefits offered. A company providing outplacement services is always favourable. Not only does this give a professional outlook to an organisation, but it also makes it look like a world-class company, This helps to attract the best talent. Everyone thinks about their future when they start working at a company. When they know they will not simply be deserted by their employer, they will have a greater dedication and sense of responsibility towards their job.

Briefly put, the value of an outplacement service is far greater than people realise. It can work wonders for a company and for an employee during the process of, and after losing their job.

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