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The Value of Outplacement Services to Employees

  • Blog
  • 11 December 2019

The primary beneficiary of outplacement programmes are the employees, so what is the value of outplacement services to employees? Even when people start looking for jobs, they will always prefer the workplace that offers them a smooth way out rather than a company that completely cuts them off.

What is the value of outplacement to employees?

Time is the most precious resource. Workers know this. The most important benefit of having an outplacement programme is that it saves a lot of time. For instance, one employee who has no outplacement help will have a lot to do once they are laid off. An employee that has help from an outplacement programme has a completely different experience. When an employee working in a company that operates an outplacement service is informed they are going to be made redundant, the consultant immediately approaches them. The preparation and job search starts before they stop working in their current position. In some cases, their next job is ready to take before they leave and their unemployment gap is minimised to zero. On the other hand, the employee with no help has a big gap between jobs. They may also have a harder time managing their expenses.

Can outplacement help an employee emotionally?

One benefit of outplacement to employees is that it helps them deal with any stress or trauma they may suffer from due to losing their job. For some people, their job is the only source of income they have. When they lose that source of income, they can undergo a lot of stress. Losing a job has been compared to going through a breakup or dealing with bereavement. It can be an extremely emotional time in someone’s life. It is important that outplacement coaches have plenty of experience specifically dealing with people facing redundancy. The coaches motivate their clients to learn new skills and to train. This motivation, and the fact that they can get back to work as soon as they leave, will help to minimise the offsets of being let go from a job.

When a job is found with the help of professionals, it is evident that chances of finding just the right vacancy shoot up compared to when a person goes on a job hunt alone. The best way to understand the great value of an outplacement programme to employees is to put yourself in the shoes of one who has firsthand experience of having to leave their job and then find a new one very quickly with the help of professionals, without having to worry and fret about their future.

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