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A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Career Star Group!

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  • 19 December 2019

The end of the year is a great time to reflect, and Career Star Group have had an incredible 2019. We’ve learnt; we’ve laughed; we’ve progressed and we’re united together.


Let’s take a closer look at our highlights from 2019.

The year 2019 was a transformational year for Career Star Group. We revolutionised our programme delivery method, and can now offer a global on-demand virtual outplacement-coaching platform to our customers. This can supplement our traditional face-to-face coaching. We could not be prouder of this achievement and welcomed CareerArc to Career Star Group earlier in the year. We have been working side-by-side together to ensure a smooth global rollout and delivery to customers. Consequently, we are extremely pleased that this technological innovation increases access to coaching to those who were geographical unable to attend face to face sessions. Now the scope has been widen, more employees will receive the vital support they need throughout their career transition period.

In 2019, we continued to assist multiple global organisations around the world with their career transition, outplacement and redeployment projects. We successfully supported their HR teams and employees whilst retaining our near 100% recommendation rate.

We also hosted two conferences for our members, the first in Copenhagen and the second in Malaga. These were both great successes and allowed us to fully align and work together face-to-face. Our ethos is not to provide ‘a one size fits all’ service to our clients and customers. As we are working with humans, and each individual has different needs to the next, we ensure each outplacement programme is customised to align with the organisation and employee needs. In order to create our tailored programmes successfully, we constantly challenge our members to innovate, remain fluid and learn, and think outside the box. At the conferences this year, we welcomed many guests. From a HospitalClown to a Futurist; a Networking Trainer to a Marketeer. We focused on empathy, the different ways in which to build successful and meaningful relationships and the potential future of the workplace. We also shared innovations, concepts, technologies and best practices.

Finally, yet importantly, we turn to our incredibly talented and dedicated members. We have welcomed Vasquez Kennedy, Avanti People Partnership and The Human Capital Group; members for Columbia, Philippines and South Africa respectively. We also welcomed partner CareerArc to develop our technological offerings. Our alliance has continued to grow and strengthen and we now deliver outplacement services in 79 countries across the globe.

There have been multiple success stories and awards won by our members throughout the year and we’re sure 2020 will be no different!

Congratulations to the following members for your special achievements in 2019:

Alixio, Career Star Group member for France


Career Transitions, Career Star Group member for Pueto Rico

  • President Viviane Fortuño was recognised by the Caribbean Business and awarded ‘Women Who Lead 2019’
  • Career Transition was recognised as the Leading Local Talent Development and Outplacement by El Nuevo Dia, media and press in Puerto Rico 2019


Gemini Personnel, Career Star Group member for Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam


Prima Careers, Career Star Group member for Australia and New Zealand

  • Won the 2019 Australian Design Awards (IT innovation category) for our new online candidate support, AUS
  • Named as the Career Management and Transition Consulting Firm of the Year in Australia 2020 by Corporate INTL.

To all our members, customers and clients, we wish you an incredible Christmas and new year.

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