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Bespoke Outplacement Solutions Across Europe

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  • 16 January 2020

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Business Context & Client Need

Career Star Group worked with Adform, providing them with outplacement and career transition services within a number of their European offices. Due to a strategic business move, Adform have had to make a number of redundancies over the past 2 years.

Adform is an advertising technology company providing automation software for digital advertising, with over 700 employees across the globe. With over 25 offices globally.

Adform needed a global outplacement provider who could easily scale up their services as was necessary. They also needed a provider who could quickly commit and deliver high quality services speedily with programmes that fit the local market regulations and needs.


Our Solution

Adform needed outplacement services delivered quickly, but without compromising on quality. Within one month from the initial briefing, our Danish team, Makio, were delivering bespoke programmes. This grew quickly to delivery in a further 8 European countries to a total of 52 employees.

Our programmes were uniquely designed by each of the nine countries involved to ensure the content reflected the different cultural and regulatory needs. Employees receiving career transition services received face-to-face time with an expert Career Transition Coach who helped them to realise their expertise, potential and next move.


The Programmes

  1. Career Star Group members designed programmes for employees and provided support to the local HR teams.
  2. Each individual programme differed depending on the local job market and individual. Programmes included, but were not limited to:
  3. Personal analysis revealing work experience, personal results and personal SWOT
  4. 1:1 face-to-face meetings
  5. DISC behaviour assessments
  6. Personal coaching
  7. Self-marketing planning
  8. CV writing, interview preparations and coaching in job research
  9. Online seminar access
  10. Emotional support
  11. HR teams were supported by:
  12. Providing support, advice and knowledge at all times
  13. Delivering a consistent and high-quality service to employees
  14. Alleviating them from the outplacement process by providing support with exit interviews, internal communication and the retention of productivity levels within the remaining workforce


‘‘Having one trusted partner who could help us to coordinate, ensure high quality and that matched our requirements, was definitely a big benefit… It was an extremely smooth process. They took care of a huge amount of practicalities. And, most importantly, the support they offered our employees was top notch.’’

Dinusha de Silva-Parker, Vice President, Global HR

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