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Global Outplacement Trends 2020

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  • 23 January 2020

Employees are being made redundant, now more than ever. The need for good outplacement services is also increasing, now more than ever. In this article, we are going to talk about the global outplacement trends 2020.

Outplacement, also sometimes known as career transition, is something that is considered necessary in most large companies and no doubt most organisations have hired outplacement services or have employed special outplacement managers in their HR teams.


Ensured Outplacement

One of the global outplacement trends 2020 is ensured outplacement. Companies invest in outplacement services to gain benefits in the long term and they want to be sure that the money they are paying for these services isn’t going to waste. When an employee is made redundant or leaves a job for any other reason, it is the job of the outplacement manager to give them an easy and supported way out.

But how can the company be sure that their employees are actually getting a good service and their career after leaving their job is safe? The best way to be sure is to use outplacement reports. This is how to see if your outplacement service is working or not. An outplacement report is submitted to the organisation by the service provider. It includes all details, from the date of the employees leaving the job, to the details of the new job that they get, the date of joining the new job and the satisfaction level of the employees represented by a statement of satisfaction written by the employee themselves, all are included in this report.


Outgoing employees are now preferring starting up their own businesses rather than working for someone else. For instance, a self-owned small business is unlike any other job you may take on. It is a pathway to a totally different lifestyle, and if you are successful a much better lifestyle than you would have to work for any company. People are attracted to this for a lot of reasons. Firstly, they could make much more money than working for someone else. Secondly, they can be their own boss, and make all the decisions crucial to success. And, they can hire other people to help, chip into the local economy. No one can fire them. They can put their own ideas into practice, and see what works and what doesn’t. So rather than leaving their old job and being hired by someone else, people want to be the employer.

Outplacement service providers acknowledge this trend and work towards giving people what they want. They are now minimising the time they spend looking for potential jobs for people leaving their old organisations, and they are maximising the time and effort they put in to research on potential business ideas that suit the respective employees and also on ways to make their business ventures successful.

The job of outplacement managers goes a long way; some companies may even require them to help a former employee up after their business plans fail. So all in all, some outplacement service providers help the outgoing employee set a business up, make sure it is successful and even help them back up if that business plan goes bad.


People are expecting quick results and immediacy. Why would anyone want to sit at home for a month or two before starting work again after being made redundant or leaving their old job for some other reason? When someone has to leave their current job, one of their biggest wishes is that they join another one as soon as they leave this one. This is due to several reasons, most people have only one source of income and they may not have enough savings to afford their living costs while staying unemployed for more than a month. They want to be unemployed for as short a period as possible. Some people might want to have some time off before they start working again in order to relieve themselves, but that is an exception.

This trend is being noticed by HR departments and outplacement services and they try to fulfil the expectations of employees by finding solutions that are best in their interest. Outplacement can prove to be very helpful if they arrange a date of joining a new job very soon after leaving the old one for the employee.


Career Coaches & Technology

Another trend is the role of the career coach becoming more significant. “While technology is a great aid in the job search process, every study on outplacement over the last 10 years suggests that the career coach is still the most important part of the process. The nuanced feedback of a seasoned career coach can’t be replaced with an online video”. However, the organisations succeed the most where these coaches are modern in approach, technology savvy and know how to best use it effectively for success. One global outplacement trend in 2020 is that outplacement is getting more and more paperless or in other words, more and more virtual. Service providers tend to contact employees over the phone or via email about their work experience, preferences and all the details needed for outplacement. Even interviews are now being carried out over online video calls. This saves both the service providers and their clients from the hassle of going to and fro office to office. Simply log on to your online account and get effective results in the comfort of your home. Career Star Group and CareerArc have joined forces to bring the world-leading on-demand outplacement platform to their customers. It allows employees instant access to experienced Career Star Group specialised coaches and a huge range of supportative resources to aid their job hunt and career development.



These are the main global outplacement trends in 2020; outplacement is subject to constant change. As the age group of employees becoming redundant is changing with time, different age groups have different preferences and so the function of outplacement is affected. Nevertheless, the ultimate purpose of outplacement providers is not to find another job or help set up a company,  but to provide a smooth way out for each employee and ensure that they are happy and content with the way they leave their job.

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