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Global Outplacement Services: One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Blog
  • 5 May 2020

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is the term given to the support provided to employees exiting companies, usually due to redundancy. It is a service provided by the employer, at no cost to the employee(s) and may be part of the overall benefits packages, or provided or a case-by-case basis. Global Outplacement Services are provided across large multinational companies. Redundancy is part of the natural cycle of most businesses. Business needs will change and evolve over time, and this will inevitably affect the workforce.


What do Typical Outplacement Services Include?

The best outplacement programmes are tailor made to suit your organisational needs. Typically, programmes include CV or resume advice, interview techniques, career management sessions, training and psychological support dealing with change. The delivery of outplacement services varies. Traditional delivery was face-to-face; however, virtual delivery is becoming more prominent and important.


Can Global Outplacement Services Really be Bespoke?

Global outplacement services are provided to multinational companies based in multiple locations across the globe. As mentioned above, the best outplacement programmes are ones that have been specifically designed for your organisation. A holistic approach should be taken when strategising and planning your organisations action plan. Career Star Group achieve bespoke global outplacement programmes by ensuring local customs and cultural influences help shape programmes in different regions. Additionally, thorough knowledge of local laws and legal requirements is necessary. Due to the differences across the globe, it is clear that one size cannot fit all when it comes to outplacement.

A phrase we love at Career Star Group is ‘we embrace differences’. Our differences are what shape us, and we are proud that our global alliance embraces the different cultures across the globe. The deep understanding of these differences are at the core of our programmes and helps us to deliver the very best services.

It is imperative that your outplacement provider is adaptable and takes the extra steps to ensure the programmes being delivered reflect the regional and cultural needs of individuals, resulting in the very best outplacement solutions for your employees. This is more important than ever as we go through a large-scale period of uncertainty.


The Future of Outplacement; Virtual Outplacement Services and a New Way of Thinking

Collectively, corporations across the globe are going through a transitional period. The effects of Coronavirus on local and global economies, industries and businesses are only just beginning to be understood. However, it is clear that there will be huge changes on small and large scales to businesses. Outplacement services will be required as organisations restructure their workforce to reflect the new normal.

Across the 100 countries Career Star Group spans, our teams have worked relentlessly during the Coronavirus pandemic to ensure programmes can continue to be delivered as promised. It is imperative that employees were provided with as much predictability as possible during this time of uncertainty. Face-to-face programmes became virtual programmes, and a plethora of free virtual informative and support sessions were available. These sessions ranged from providing an understanding of new employment laws in different regions to helping HR teams successfully transition their teams to remote working and the policy changes that comes with the transition, before, during and afterwards.


The future of the outplacement industry will look somewhat different to the one we knew before. Digitalisation was always part of this future; our global on-demand platform will play an essential and ground breaking role to the programmes we deliver. However, there will be further differences.

Employee Experience

Humanising the workforce and focusing on employee experience has been in the forefront of HR trends for a couple of years now. This is more imperative than ever before. The globe has gone through a shared experience that has blended the personal and professional. Large volumes of the global workforce have been working remotely. Colleagues have seen into the homes, met children, pets and spouses of other colleagues. Our hidden personal lives have suddenly become more open to our professional networks. This has an interesting result – we have a greater understanding of the individual.

The Individual

Understanding the individual, professionally and personally is important. Personalisation is a growing trend and the outplacement industry is no different. Virtual or blended delivery models of outplacement services provide more opportunities for 1:1 coaching and a deeper understanding of the individual. Employees will have greater opportunity to experience a tailored programme. It is important to ensure your outplacement provider has adapted, and will continue to adapt to put employers and employees first and that individual needs are understood.

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