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Virtual Outplacement; the Benefits, and Does it Work?

  • Blog
  • 13 May 2020

What is Virtual Outplacement?

Simply, outplacement is a service provided to employees exiting an organisation. Various elements make up an outplacement programme, and there are various ways of delivering these services. Traditionally, outplacement services have been delivered face to face in either group workshops or on an individual basis. Typically, outplacement services were reserved for executives and C-level employees.


As the working world has evolved over time, and new generations have entered the workforce, outplacement services and its delivery have also evolved. As we head towards a vastly digitalised working world, services and tools also need to digitalise to align.


Many outplacement services are now delivered virtually with bespoke platforms providing online advice for exiting employees, such as CV or resume advice and templates; articles, quizzes, career advice, training and access to professional outplacement coaches.


Is Virtual Outplacement Beneficial?

There are many benefits to the virtual delivery of outplacement services. Firstly, virtual delivery democratises outplacement. The democratisation of outplacement services allows services to be available to everyone within an organisation who needs it. Outplacement services were traditionally available to executives only, and only those who could travel to the outplacement provider or worked within the office. Nowadays, many organisations allow working from home and/or hire remote workers in different regions or even countries. Twitter, for example, announced this week that they would allow their workforce to work remotely permanently if they so wished.


Virtual outplacement services can provide employees with more content and guidance than traditional face-to-face services. For instance, the Career Star Group virtual outplacement platform provides an on-demand coaching service. Allowing access to professional coaches instantly whether at home, travelling or in the office. This is a huge benefit to virtual programmes to traditional programmes.


Does Virtual Outplacement Work?

The general workforce has had to use virtual resources more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced shift has helped many businesses understand how effective virtual solutions can be. Utilising virtual solutions is a trend that will only increase as time goes on. The unknown can be daunting, especially to businesses as they know how important it is to implement change successfully. Many businesses in the past have failed to adopt new virtual solutions into their internal processes, products and services. The COVID-19 pandemic will help to propel many businesses and industries forwards technologically.


A newfound respect for virtual platforms and tools has arisen from over the past few months. It has been the lifeline of many, many organisations. Our own services have been able to continue due to virtual delivery methods. Virtual meetings are perceived as not being as personal face-to-face meetings, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t personal at all. They are proven to be effective, productive and work extremely well for delivering to remote audiences. Virtual outplacement solutions are no different. They provide a different offering to traditional face-to-face delivery, but this delivery is incredibly effective for employees and employers. It can be extremely personal with the addition of access to outplacement coaches. Coaches are the key between good and outstanding virtual outplacement programmes. You should always ensure the outplacement coaches your provider employs have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in delivering outplacement coaching, and preferably, are accredited.


Virtual outplacement will reach more people and provide vital services to those who are in need of support. Organisation’s brand reputation increases with every additional employee able to receive outplacement services, so it is a win-win for everyone.

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