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COVID-19: Happiness in the Workplace

  • Blog
  • 24 May 2020

How to Cultivate a Happy, Motivated Workforce

Employee experience has been at the forefront of HR teams’ minds for some years now. Now Human Resources are able to truly incorporate and develop employee experience into every new design. HR professionals must support leadership and management to leave old habits behind and develop an empathetic and curious work culture within teams. Emotional intelligence must be built and fostered within teams. By adopting a growth mind-set within the workplace, employees are supported and nurtured. This is key to helping the workforce navigate the new world of work that awaits them. What approaches and adaptations should be made to promote happiness in the workplace?


Same Storm, Different Boats; Empathy and Individualism

Management must understand the various individual needs and experiences within their teams – no longer can one size fit all. Whilst many people are now returning to the workplace, they will be returning to a new environment with different rules and experiences. Some colleagues will be happy to return and integrate with other colleagues and customers, others not as much. There will be some employees who have dealt with financial and health difficulties. Managers must be approach their teams with an understanding of individual circumstances. Understanding that the workforce is a collective of individuals will help to transition your employees back into the workplace whilst encouraging productivity.


Company Culture Holds the Workforce Together

Company culture cultivated the workplace in the past when everyone was together, now it is what holds organisations together when they are apart. Togetherness in the workplace has been tested to the limit. Social distancing has meant a lack of physical contact, and remote working has pushed that further with employees working out of their homes away from their teams and away from management. Most companies have utilised technology but a new era of managing workers is evolving. An increase in self-responsibility drives productivity. In addition, the productivity metrics we once used have been reassessed. Moving with the changes rather than against them promote happiness in the workplace. If employees can embrace the new normal knowing their managers and leadership understand the new situation, it automatically creates a far happier working environment.



Leadership has and will continue to change and evolve. Communication has been key throughout this period, and will continue to be so. Leadership have been humanised as they deliver meetings from their homes and talk about their own personal experiences more. How leaders communicate with their teams and workforce directly affects performance. It is extremely important to support leaders with their communication efforts.


Create Predictability

Creating predictability during times of uncertainty provides a secure and safe environment for people. If changes are going to occur within the organisation, communicate these early and prepare people. Many organisations will have to make big decisions about their future. Some employees may be transitioned within or out of the organisation. A reassessment of the need for office space may take place. New processes could be introduced. Communicating these changes and being authentic in the communication is key. It is the time for internal comms teams to shine. If the key messages and decisions are communicated effectively, the workforce will be more understanding, supported and loyal.

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