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Company Values: The Key to a Successful Workforce in 2020?

  • Blog
  • 11 June 2020

Bring Your Company Values to Life

There isn’t a person that hasn’t been affected by the global pandemic in 2020. However, it is important to remember that all storms will end. HR teams across the globe have had to work through some incredibly difficult situations. Transitioning the workforce to an effective remote one, supporting leaders, re-writing processes and regulations, virtually onboarding and offboarding employees and a lot more. Once more Human Resources find itself put to the test as the workforce slowly starts to return to a different working world they left. This might not be a bad thing in some cases.


With this new working world, brings new opportunities for improvement. CHRO’s and HR Directors have a unique window of opportunity to change the culture of the company, truly bringing company values to life. Injecting the core values into the new return could drastically influence the workforce overall happiness and productivity.


The New World

As towns, cities and countries begin to come out of lockdown, the new world awaits us. However, the way in which we consume, purchase and prioritise products, and communicate has changed completely. Organisations are becoming leaner and more agile. Additionally, the products and services they provide have changed as the world has. Unfortunately, there will be a number of organisations redundant in this new world. However, many others will thrive. The level of adaptability an organisation has will drive its future success and HR teams are responsible for translating this adaptability to the workforce. The values a company has underpins every decision. Aligned company values to the new work world emerging is vital.


Why Are Company Values Important?

Organisational values are what drive growth, culture and brand. Prior to the pandemic, core values were incredibly important, but perhaps not translated throughout all organisations as consistently as they could have been. Company values must drive each employee and leader and become ingrained. If translated correctly, they will positively many areas of the business; productivity, happiness, and employer brand.


Company Values and Your Employer Branding Strategy

Employer brand, essentially your company’s identity, is currently both incredibly important and fragile. The better the employer is perceived, the better talent it attracts. The fragility of the economy, industries and work stability is felt everywhere. Huge organisations are announcing large restructures some involving thousands of redundancies. These employers are receiving a huge amount of media coverage and their actions will drastically affect their employer brand. Ingraining company values internally is key to protecting your employer brand during times of change. Values can help drive forward the surviving employees and encourage growth and loyalty.

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