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Press Release: Career Star Group and Optimal HR Group in Greece and Cyprus Collaborate

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  • 3 September 2020

Career Star Group and Optimal HR Group in Greece and Cyprus Collaborate

Optimal HR Group join the world’s largest career transition organisation Career Star Group to provide outplacement solutions in Greece and Cyprus.

London, UK – Sep 3rd 2020 – Career Star Group have welcomed Optimal HR Group to their organisation. Career Star Group deliver outplacement and career transition services in 102 countries. Specialising in global and multi-country projects supporting organisations and their talent transition needs with bespoke solutions. They successfully utilise state-of-the-art technology whilst also engaging in human interaction with an unparalleled understanding of local culture and customs.

Since 2005, Optimal HR Group has been focused on building inter-personal relationships, providing their clients and customers with bespoke solutions specifically designed to meet their needs to strengthen their business and workforce which aligns perfectly with the aims of Career Star Group to provide a human-touch to clients and customers even as the virtual world expands.

‘‘Career Star Group is strengthening constantly. 2020 has been an extraordinary year, our organisation has united like never before to support our customers who are dealing with unprecedented, fast-paced change. We have always focused on individual needs and understanding humans, providing solutions that fit specific needs. Optimal HR Group truly understand our vision and priorities. They are a particularly forward thinking and adaptable firm. Their addition to Career Star Group strengthens us further’’ – said Cetti Galante, Chair of Career Star Group board.

‘‘We couldn’t be happier to join Career Star Group’’, said Alexis Doukas, CEO Optimal HR Group, ‘‘Career Star Group is known for their excellence; the attention and care they provide and their innovation. Over the past 15 years, we have successfully expanded geographically, made strategic alliances and serviced the evolving needs of the Greek HR solutions market, whilst continuing to be true to our values. Joining Career Star Group is the next step forward for us. As the global job market begins rebounding after the global coronavirus pandemic, outplacement services will be more important than ever.’’

About Career Star GroupCareer Star Group is a global organisation of world leading career transition and outplacement providers experienced delivering bespoke programmes in 102 countries. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with the best career transition services regardless of where their workforce changes occur, combining their award winning virtual platform with extensive experience to provide exceptional HR solutions.

About Optimal HR GroupOptimal HR Group, Athens, Greece, services all of Greece and Cyprus. Founded in 2005, Optimal HR Group provides unparalleled, bespoke HR services to large organisations and SMEs operating in the EMEA region, delivering 360° business support platform to clients. Their mission is to combine advisory and consulting services with the worlds’ most innovative and respected tools in order to provide clients with bespoke HR solutions assisting them to maximise the value of their human capital and strengthen their core business model.

For Career Star Group media enquiries please contact Katie Goring


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