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Career Transition Coaching: Overcoming The Barriers

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  • 24 September 2020

Our career transition coaching professionals are extremely experienced in helping people to overcome their fear of change. Having the right mind-set is key to success when moving from one role to another.

People feel extremely vulnerable when a job has been lost and there’s a threat of not being able to get another one easily. This vulnerability, alongside a lack of confidence becomes an issue. It is a barrier against moving forward with vigour and motivation.

Career transition is more than just changing roles

You might change sector, and potentially have to increase or learn a new skill set. As well as joining a new company and team – this is overwhelming for most of us. Transitioning your career is process, not a transaction. It requires a certain mind-set to be truly successful. It is not good enough to land a new job or role. An understanding of your future role and career is vital to secure your long-term employability.

What support is need for successful career transition?

The support needed most now during the mass layoffs and restructures resulting from the health pandemic is psychological. Specifically, focusing on bringing back confidence and self-belief. Individuals need to be reminded that they are more than a job. Many people feel defined by their job. However, as individuals, we bring much more to life and to the wider world than our profession. Helping people understand that they are safe, secure, needed and valuable is the key to them seeing the opportunities that lie ahead. And furthermore, having the energy to grasp those opportunities.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Star Group brings this psychological development into their daily coaching mix. This extra layer of support – and arguably, the most important aspect of our coaching – helps people progress and understand their potential. Stress, anxiety and depression levels are said to have soared throughout the pandemic. An increased understanding of mental health issues were increasing before the pandemic. This will hopefully continue to increase further during and after. Our career transition coaching programmes focus on the emotional aspects of employability as much as the practical aspects. To not do this is putting ones health at further risk.

There is lots of uncertainty now, and supporting people is the number one priority.

If you are looking for a career transition coach in your territory, click here. 

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