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Redundancy Support: How Can You Support Your Employees During a Restructure?

  • Blog
  • 17 November 2020

With the right tools and processes in place, it can be easy to see which roles must become redundant. Gap analysis, mapping, forecasting, and evaluating roles against current and future business needs is something HR teams are used to. However, delivering the news to an employee and offering them valuable redundancy support is far more emotional and can be difficult. Particularly in the physically disconnected world most of us find ourselves in currently.

Workforce planning

Anticipating future workforce needs is achieved through talent reviews, gap analysis and by understanding and researching the competitive landscape and emerging customer needs. There are various methods and approaches to workforce planning. Some are more basic on a day-to-day level, and some in the form of a large exercise when change is on the horizon. For example, because of a merger or acquisition. Workforce planning aligns business needs with people and roles. This enable a business to strategically fulfil its mission and goals in the future. Ensuring the right talent is in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

Restructure Support

Inevitably, redundancies will occur, as business needs change. Redeploying talent within a business is an option that is often overlooked. Opportunities to retain talent in another role are lost. The trend to analyse internal talent is starting to become more ingrained in HR processes. There are many tools and external companies available to assist in conducting large-scale gap analysis and uncovering of skills within a business.

However, if redundancies are the only option, it is important to provide support to those affected by the restructure. Providing support is not only the right thing to do, but also retains your organisational reputation, paves a open path for boomerang employees and may assist in a positive experience for those remaining in the company which is important to encourage productivity and loyalty.

What redundancy support is available?

There are various different options when supporting your employees through the redundancy process. Typically, you would partner with an external outplacement or career transition provider. They will create bespoke programmes to align with your specific business goals and values. At Career Star Group, we provide virtual and work or office based programmes differing for each customer’s requirements. Usually, a support package would include coaching time for exiting employees to truly understand the job market and prepare them mentally for their job search whilst also assisting with CV writing, interview practice and so on. Programmes may also include ways in which to identify top skills and skills individuals may need to acquire or train towards to be the best candidate for roles. There are many possibilities. The aim will be for each individual to feel empowered. This applies not only in their current job search, but in their future career path.

To enquire into our services, please contact us here.

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