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The Top 7 Expectations CEOs Have of HR Directors

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  • 16 December 2020

CSG in Spain, Lukkap, uncovered an additional reason for the increase in redundancies by asking CEOs directly. Below we outline the 7 most important expectations CEOs have of HR Directors and how HR can drive the organisation.


Over the past few years, there has been a clear trend towards layoffs, particularly in senior positions. This specifically affects Human Resources, who are now dealing with double the number of dismissals compared to previous years.

When asking those affected why there is an increase in layoffs, they discuss two main causes:

  1. COVID-19 has increased the need to reduce the management structure of companies.
  2. Changes in their business model has led to modifications to their overall business strategy

However, if we ask CEOs the same question, a third cause is uncovered:

  1. People management evolves at a different speed to the business.


Therefore, if business transformation and revenue are on the CEOs agenda, how can HR drive the organisation? After talking to multiple CEOs about what they expect from the HR director, we compiled their main responses, which include:


  1. Analyse the competition.

HR is in constant contact with competing candidates, and therefore have the perfect opportunity to gather intelligence on what the competition are doing, and who their customers are. All this information should be provided systematically and periodically to the steering committee.


  1. Establish themselves as cultural agitators.

HR should promote organisational culture and be a cultural agitator. Publishing and promoting the purpose of the organisation, giving value and meaning to CSR, motivating, exciting and sharing successes.


  1. Predict who will leave the company.

Nowadays any machine-learning projects linked to employee experience will give us enough predictive data to understand the turnover causes and how to anticipate to them. If we have sensitive areas – with key professionals difficult to find in the outside labour market – we can anticipate the recruitment and development of professionals and, thus, generate less stress on the business.


  1. Be an outside ambassador.

HR must be a spokesperson and make the company desirable to generate attraction.


  1. Be a true disruptor.

If management wants to change, HR cannot be a brake. They must drive changes, take risks, step outside the box and rewrite outdated policies. Being a promoter of initiatives, despite the risk of making mistakes, is an indication of someone who is committed to transformation.


  1. Implement the best employee experience.

Identify what types of employees they have and want, measure their experience and define a relationship model with employees is the basis for implementing the employee journey. Each journey will reach key moments so you can have a quantitative basis to predict and act swiftly accordingly.


  1. Be clear and map out present and future talent.

Develop a talent review linked to the future that provides a clear vision to the management and anticipates business problems.


The shift in HR management is evident; we cannot continue doing what we used to do to face the challenges that the future holds. If robotisation, digitilisation and the new generations are going to condition each business model, senior management has to be extremely transformative and innovative.


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