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Pilat Group joins Career Star Group, the Largest Global Career Transition Organisation

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  • 5 January 2021

Pilat Group join the world’s largest career transition organisation Career Star Group providing outplacement solutions in Israel.

London, UK Jan 5th 2021 – Career Star Group and Pilat Group have collaborated exclusively to deliver innovative career transition services for customers based in Israel. Pilat Group, founded in 1974, are Israel’s largest HR assessment and placement company and leaders in innovative and technological based solutions.

Pilat Group were welcomed to Career Star Group during the annual commercial conference at the end of November 2020. An annual event bringing teams from across the globe together to uncover innovations, discuss key strategic plans and learnings from what has been an extraordinary year.

‘‘We couldn’t be happier welcoming Pilat Group into Career Star Group’’ says Cetti Galante, Chair of the Career Star Group board, ‘‘Pilat Group are leaders in their market aligning with our values and business goals. They have an excellent reputation and are at the forefront of technological innovation, which is a key development area of Career Star Group and at the head of everything we do. We expect our relationship to be mutually beneficial aiding the growth of both Career Star Group and Pilat Group with many new developments to be unearthed’’.

Career Star Group, founded in 2012, launched with a coverage of 17 countries. Year on year it has grown phenomenally, and is now experienced delivering bespoke career transition programmes in 102 countries. The addition of Pilat Group strengthens their global offering.

“We are excited to join Career Star Group’’says Zohar Maimon, the CEO of Pilat Group. “Career Star Group is the largest global career transition organisation, leading in innovative and technological outplacement solutions. Pilat is an innovative company, leading a human transformation in a world of digital transformation. Pilat Group develops models and tools based on research and methodologies of the future employment market, to help people integrate and lead in the changing employment market. We are confident that the cooperation between Career Star Group and Pilat Group will yield innovative tools and technological solutions for the future employment market”.


About Career Star GroupCareer Star Group is a global organisation of world leading career transition and outplacement providers experienced delivering bespoke programmes in 102 countries. Career Star Group provides multinational companies with the best career transition services regardless of where their workforce changes occur, combining their award winning virtual platform with extensive experience to provide exceptional HR solutions. Find out more at



About Pilat GroupPilat Group, Israel, Pilat Group was founded in 1974 and has since become Israel’s largest HR assessment and placement company. Over the years, Pilat has developed from a leading HR recruitment company to an innovative force that supplies a wide range of employment services. Their main goal is to become the most significant factor for individuals and organisations in today’s dynamic workforce. The future is already here, and access to cutting-edge tools creates a significant advantage.


For Career Star Group media enquiries please contact Katie Goring

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