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What does outplacement look like in 2021?

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  • 12 January 2021

The evolution of outplacement services

We are all well aware that the way of working, and the world of work, changed significantly in 2020. With more people working from home than ever before, some family or partners around them, others working alone for the first time without the interaction of colleagues, ‘office culture’ has been altered.

As well as the organisational culture, the very way in which organisations are run and work have changed. The Twilio CEO stated that Coronavirus sped up digital transformation by 6 years for companies. This extraordinarily fast digital transformation resulted in operational, business model and delivery transformation. Inevitably, changes to the workforce have occurred and will continue to occur throughout 2021 and beyond.


Supporting Employees through Change

Many smart employers are offering their employees outplacement services if their roles are made redundant. Outplacement services are a support package delivered by career transition specialists to help exiting employees find their next role. Traditionally, outplacement services were delivered in a physical space in a building where job seekers could search and apply for jobs with professionals available to help. Over the years, this offering has developed significantly. Programmes started to include group workshops, 1:1 coaching, networking and interview preparation. Outplacement services also began to be available online via online hubs and platforms.

When coronavirus hit, outplacement providers moved all their services online as face-to-face programmes were no longer an option. Delivery of virtual outplacement programmes were via video software and online platforms. The outplacement industry was also propelled into a digital transformation, forcing some of the more traditional providers into new territory.


What will outplacement look like in 2021?

Employee Wellbeing

Businesses have to make tough business decisions, sometimes in order to survive and redundancies will continue to occur. Therefore, the outplacement market will continue to rise as demand grows. Employers are more and more concerned about the wellbeing of their employees and understand the importance of supporting employees, whether they are leaving the company or not. Increasing numbers of people are working more than one job, and many employees will be a consumer or potential customer, or even a returning employee in the future. Looking after employees at all stages of their journey in an organisation is incredibly important.

Outplacement Market Trends

The outplacement market will for the majority, remain online whilst the pandemic continues. However, there is a big difference between providers who are trying to replicate their face-to-face offerings online, and those who are adapting it for virtual delivery. Having a provider who has invested in the right delivery tools, training and coaches is key to the success of the programme. Delivering outplacement services online is not the same as face-to-face. Coaches need to be retrained to deliver virtually, and have the freedom and ability to give the employees they are working with enough time via video chat to make the programme as valuable as possible.

Global Accessibility

With the world rapidly digitalising, job seekers options have expanded. Many organisations are no longer looking for candidates living locally, or even nationally. The search for talent can be opened to global level as many roles can be carried out remotely. Outplacement coaches will need to access global networks to ensure they are can provide their candidates with the best options. Therefore, having a global outplacement provider, not just national, will become more important.


As the world shut down to travel and meeting face-to-face, and as normal daily social interactions decreased, it has become apparent just how important it is to care for one another. Outplacement in 2021 for us will be a continual progression to provide the individuals transitioning their careers and the HR teams managing the change, the very best support, advice, service and programmes. Our award-winning platform, outstanding global coaching team and incredible support teams across the world together have already helped thousands of people transition into new roles successfully, even during such uncertain times.

For more information on how Career Star Group can assist your HR team with career transition services, click here.

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