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What is Redeployment and Should You Have a Redeployment Strategy for Your Organisation?

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  • 16 February 2021

What is Redeployment?

Redeployment is a workforce management strategy. In simple terms, it is the internal movement of the workforce. Talent is moved from areas within the organisation that no longer require staffing, to areas within the business that are expanding. It is a talent retention strategy and one that has many additional benefits. It is a great alternative to redundancies, but more often than not, organisations do not have the internal resources to implement such a strategy. However, there are many benefits, including cost and time based benefits, to redeployment. Therefore, it is well worth evaluating if it is a good fit for your organisation.


What Are The Benefits of Implementing A Redeployment Strategy?

Lower Costs

When an organisation is going through change and restructuring their workforce, it is normal for some areas of the business to decrease in size, whilst other areas increase. Simultaneously then there are efforts to both reduce and increase the workforce. The human resources teams are dealing with (and paying out for) redundancies and the hiring of new staff.

Change is a natural step in an organisation’s journey. There are many factors that impact change – an acquisition or merger, a change in the market or influences such as technological advancements or AI. It is imperative that a solid strategy is put in place as there will be many times in which an organisation will be managing change to their workforce.

Adopting a redeployment strategy reduces the need to pay out redundancy packages. It also reduces the need for large hiring costs as you are transitioning talent within.


Improves Corporate Brand

Anyone going through the process of redundancy will feel some level of resentment, at least for a while, towards their employer. This is natural. The emotional impact when an individual is told their role is being made redundant, is often compared to the grief process. Disgruntled ex-employees can harm your corporate brand on websites such as Glassdoor. Of course, supporting employees exiting your organisation is key, and there are specialist outplacement solutions for this. The potential harm to your corporate brand is reduced by reducing redundancies by increasing redeployment.


Improves The Relationship Between Employees and Employers

Career transition support such as outplacement is an employee benefit, and one that many employees now expect from their employers. Having a redeployment strategy in place shows employees that their employers is willing to support throughout their employment journey, and not just at the end. This allows the employee to feel more secure throughout their employment with the company. Resulting in increased productivity, loyalty and retention.

Promotes a Positive Company Culture

Creating a successful company culture is key to productivity and working towards a cohesive company vision. Redeployment fosters a fluid, adaptable workforce. You can naturally create a positive and enthusiastic culture by  developing, reskilling and providing employees with alternative opportunities. This in turn, leads to a more productive and energise workforce.


Improves Talent Retention

Redeployment is ultimately a talent retention strategy. By ensuring there are routes to alternative roles, you are increasing the chances of retaining the talent you want in your organisation . There is a culture growing of employees moving from employer, to employer, more frequently than before. Therefore, organisations are having to work harder than ever to decrease their turnover and increase talent retention.



Redeployment will help to retain top talent, protect the corporate brand and creates a positive company culture. However, many organisations do not have the internal resources to implement a redeployment strategy. Collaborating with outplacement providers to assist or implement career transition solutions is becoming more popular.


To inquire how Career Star Group can assist with your redeployment strategy and solution click here.


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