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5 Reasons to Invest in Outplacement Services for Your Employees

  • Blog
  • 4 March 2021

Outplacement services should be an essential step in any redundancy process. Not only will outplacement services reduce the risk of a negative impact on your corporate brand, it demonstrates a commitment of your corporate social responsibility, supports your current workforce and gives your exiting employees an edge in the job market.


  1. Reduces the risk of negative impact to the corporate brand

As an employer, it is imperative to maintain a positive corporate brand. In a digital world, news travels far and fast. When you are making redundancies, there is always a risk of negativity in the press, or on websites such as glassdoor, that could negatively impact your corporate brand.

Providing quality outplacement services for displaced employees provides support, positivity and enthusiasm for their next steps. Therefore, this defuses the negativity felt towards the organisation they are leaving. Additionally, when multinational companies partner with a multinational outplacement provider, they are opening up a multitude of opportunities. The world is smaller, more connected and far more flexible than that has been. There are more opportunities to work remotely or split time between home and the office. Spotify recently announced they will now be allowing their employees to work from anywhere, in any location in the world. A well-connected outplacement provider who can incorporate all opportunities, provides great excitement for displaced employees and opens up a plethora of prospects.


  1. It is your corporate social responsibility, and the right thing to do.

Morally, supporting employees leaving your organisation is the right thing to do. It is very rare that employers can offer ‘life-long’ opportunities within their business anymore. Most employees move from job to job, company to company, multiple times throughout their careers. It is becoming more common for employers to support employees through their transition. It is also becoming more common to employ an ex-employee again in the future. Therefore, it is an organisation’s responsibility to support, nurture and encourage employees throughout and out of their cycle with them.


  1. Supports remaining employees

Supporting employees remaining in their organisation is necessary to maintain productivity levels, and transition through a period of change smoothly. Whenever there are changes to a workforce, whether on a small or large scale, cracks can appear, rumours run rife and people naturally feel insecure. However, retaining the talent you need to progress your business goals is key, and you do this by communicating the support you are providing the displaced employees.

Providing outplacement for employees shows your remaining workforce that they can rely on their employer to provide them with outplacement support if they need it in the future. They will feel more secure in their current role and their values will align more closely with an employer who looks after their employees.


  1. Extra support for HR and senior management

Outplacement providers relieve HR teams and senior management during time of heightened stress. Human Resources are not career coaches, and nor should they have to be. Outplacement coaches are highly skilled and should deliver bespoke sessions to displaced employees. HR professionals won’t necessarily have the skills, or the time, to do this. Outplacement providers should support HR teams throughout the change process allowing them to spend their time elsewhere.

When redundancies occur, senior managers are juggling the needs of all of their team members. Knowing that employees who will be leaving are receiving a high level of support via their outplacement programme, will help senior managers to focus on the needs of the remaining team, transitioning them into new roles, or helping to boost morale.


  1. Gives your displaced employees an edge in the job market

The job market is changing day by day. Career transition coaches are well aware of the nuances the market possesses and the trends in the future. They can help and encourage people to reskill and fit into the roles that will be in demand. Alternatively, to start up their own business or change career entirely. Additionally, having a dedicated career coach allows your leaving employees to be a step ahead in the market where they can present themselves in the best possible way to future employers. This will reduce the amount of time they are not working and therefore reduce their financial and emotional strain.


If you are looking for outplacement solutions for your organisation, get in touch with one of our partners in your local territory.


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