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Why Should You Choose a Global Outplacement Organisation?

  • Blog
  • 14 April 2021

We, Career Star Group, are the largest global outplacement organisation. We service thousands of individuals and HR teams across the globe every year. But, why should you choose a global outplacement provider over a smaller local provider? There are many answers to this question, and there are many different types of global and non-global providers to choose from. It is important to understand the different types of organisations and choose an organisation that is most suitable for your organisation.


Different Organisational Structures

Our organisation is setup as a union of the best local outplacement providers and not privately owned. This is one of our strongest attributes. As a non-privately owned organisation, we get to focus entirely on our delivery, quality and evolution for the customer. Privately owned companies are often centrally-run with little manoeuvrability. There are strong targets set in place to reduce costs, and to provide blanket solutions with little consideration of country and cultural differences. We however, do not believe this is the most valuable, and productive way to support HR teams, nor the employees going through career transition.


What Should You Evaluate?

If you are considering moving from your current provider, evaluating the market, or looking for a global partner to support your needs, it is imperative to look at the values of each potential partner. Not just, on their website, but who they really are. How, and by whom, are they governed? Which of your candidate outplacement providers can scale with your business? What added value can you get from the partnership? Are they innovative – and not just in how they wrap up their products, but through their events, internal or external, their staff loyalty and enthusiasm?

More employees now expect outplacement and career development support from their employers. Additionally, more people are actively seeking value-driven roles where employers align with their person views and values. Therefore, providing the best and most valuable support to employees, and not the cheapest or standard support, is extremely important.


The Benefits of a Global Outplacement Organisation

There are many benefits of having a global organisation, some include –

  • They share resources, training and best practices.
  • There are better networking opportunities for your transitioning employees.
  • With the world being more accessible than ever before, your exiting employees can have access to career coaches with global networks and relationships. Your employees will have access to the career coaches across the globe – if they wish to explore relocation options, they can access a coach in any geography with in-depth knowledge of their local market.
  • If they aren’t centrally controlled, you can get the same level of local knowledge and excellence as with a local provider, however with shared values across countries uniting your organisation at a high level.
  • HR teams across the globe work together and can support each other during workforce transformation projects with the support of the career transition provider – however, do ensure your global outplacement provider has strong methods and regular communication between their geographies.


If you are looking for outplacement solutions for your organisation, get in touch today.

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