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Talent retention for HR directors

  • Blog
  • 25 May 2021

Good employees are not easy to come by and the gig economy has made this even more tricky. With employees being a company’s most valuable asset, how can HR directors prevent employees from leaving and retain them?
We are bringing some tips for talent retention for HR directors: 

It starts with recruitment
If you are experiencing a high turnover of staff, you might have to ask yourself some difficult questions – are you hiring the right people? Is your interview process fair? Are you offering the right pay and benefits package? If you are not, you risk employees using your company as a stop-gap!

Once you’ve hired a new employee, are they getting the support they require? Ensuring that they receive the right on-boarding will give them an advantage within your organisation, whilst making your objectives and expectations clear. You could consider assigning new employees a ‘buddy’, who ensures they settle in well.

Employee engagement
Whilst money often plays a factor for employees leaving a company, there is an emotional aspect that keeps people attached to an organisation. Make sure that members of staff see the bigger picture. Celebrate wins but also allow people to embrace failure.

It is the small things that employees appreciate most – whether this is fresh fruit, pizza Friday or flexible working hours to fit around childcare and other commitments, non-salary based perks will make them appreciate your organisation.

Regular reviews and training opportunities
Regular review meetings will give you the chance to find out what employees think of their overall role, whether they are challenged enough and whether they are looking to progress their role through training and development.

Internal mobility prospects
Implementing a strong redeployment strategy will help you retain employees within your company if they are interested in obtained new skills and experiences. Internal mobility within your organisation allows your workforce to remain fresh, challenged and invigorated. Creating a culture in which staff continuously retrain and update their skills, naturally keeps them aligned to long-term business goals.

Staff retention never stops; it is an ongoing process that should be high on every HR department’s list. In the long run it will not only save money in lengthy and expensive recruitment processes, but will also help you operationally, as your loyal members of staff bring with them invaluable skills and experience.

If you require staff retention support, get in touch with Career Star Group today.

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