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What is talent mobility and how can this benefit your organisation?

  • Blog
  • 14 June 2021

What’s talent mobility? 
Talent mobility simply means having the right talent in a job position where they can be most effective. As an organisation it is vital to understand the skill sets, career interests and ambitions of members of staff. This will not only increase retention within your company but also give you the best output.

What are the benefits of having a talent mobility strategy in place?
When offering a development plan for your workforce, further than just the linear career progression, they are more likely to stay and excel. It also gives your employees the opportunity to try different roles within your organisation and enable them to learn new skills and responsibilities.

How do you implement a talent mobility strategy?
A talent mobility strategy starts by having an open and transparent culture where employees look at the bigger picture outside of their own department. HR departments and senior management must encourage personnel by looking beyond their job vacancy and stimulate training and development.

Using technology to find about hidden skill sets.
Technology can assist in identifying where skill sets are within your organisation. By offering technology based training, you could find hidden talents and steer employees towards that career goal.

If talent mobility is implemented correctly it will have a positive impact on your organisation. It will retain talent, create higher productivity and generate improved health and wellbeing for your employees.

For more information about talent mobility, get in touch with Career Star Group in your local territory today.

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